Style me Simple Series: Warm Winter Layers for the Modern Mama

As a mother of two, I’ve learned to get ready quickly … very quickly, but also that putting together an outfit has a lot more to it than just how it looks. Before kids, I chose outfits primarily based on how they looked, sometimes I would focus on comfort, but to be perfectly honest, if … More Style me Simple Series: Warm Winter Layers for the Modern Mama

Where I Want to Be

I love new beginnings like New Year’s Day, or the start of a new school year, there is something so fresh and clean about a ‘new start’ and there is often so much optimism that comes along with it. As a writer, the future is a place that I visit often because you can create … More Where I Want to Be

Shortbread for Santa

Christmas baking has been something that I’ve been doing for a while now. Before kids, and even before I was married, my mother-in-law would have me over for a traditional Christmas baking session at her place (I was, and still am, excited to be a part of this big group and learned so much from … More Shortbread for Santa

The Gift of Giving

  If having children has taught me one thing, it would be the importance of kindness and giving. Motherhood is such an amazing journey and giving is such a huge part of the experience, but we often get so caught up in the struggles, the stress and the idea of perfection that kindness can take … More The Gift of Giving