Style Me Simple Series: Mama About Town

View More: the holidays I had the pleasure of meeting for coffee and a workout with one of my favourite creative career moms, Trisha of No Tummy Mommy. Like many moms, Trisha and I are both super busy and wanted to make the most of our afternoon, so we planned to do tea at one of the cutest café’s in the city Bobbette and Belle and little work out at Toronto Yoga Mamas. Since the day was a bit packed and we were doing two very different activities, I had to find something to wear that would work for both. So of course I did a bit of layering and made sure to add a pair of boots that were comfortable enough for walking around the city (a low heel is key), warm enough for a Canadian winter and, of course, stylish.



When I became a mom one of the things I never wanted to lose is my love of the city and getting out and about. I love coffee shops, bakeries, shopping in boutiques and I also love working out. Sometimes we bring the little ones with us to the market or to a local café, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little me time as well. That’s what this look is all about. Mixing and matching with layers when you are going out and also working out.


This is another ‘layered’ look in the sense that it gives you options and is versatile enough for a little city hop. Because let’s face it, as mom of two-under-two when I plan an outing, without the little ones, I want to squeeze in as many things as possible. The sweater works well for a casual coffee meet-up and the leggings and long workout tank are underneath so you’ve got that covered as well. If you haven’t guessed this already, I’m kind of a ‘hat’ girl. I love how a simple toque can add so much personality to a very simple look and being a new mom it’s the perfect cover for that ‘unwashed’ mane. You’d never know that it was hair-washing day under that cute toque. And let’s not kid ourselves here; I had ‘hair-washing’ days (like twice or three times a week) long before kids. It was usually the same days I worked out and that still works for me.

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Outfit Details

Hat: Chapters Indigo

Coat: Gap

Sweater: Top Shop

Workout Tank: Lululemon

Pants: Lululemon

Socks: Roots Canada 

Shoes: Emu Australia




Photography: Reena Ray Photography


*Disclosure: Companies featured in this series often sponsor my posts and, or send products for review. If I love the company and their products, I am more than happy to share them with you!




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