Style me Simple Series: Warm Winter Layers for the Modern Mama

View More: a mother of two, I’ve learned to get ready quickly … very quickly, but also that putting together an outfit has a lot more to it than just how it looks. Before kids, I chose outfits primarily based on how they looked, sometimes I would focus on comfort, but to be perfectly honest, if it looked good and I felt good about myself in it I was ready to go. Now that I am a mother there are a few more things to consider when I get dressed in the morning. At the top of the list, are the kids going to be with me, are we going to be playing and will I be nursing? As a mother these things matter and make a difference. So my clothes, shoes and accessories reflect that.

I started this blog post thinking I was going to write one fashion post and that would be it. Then the ideas started to flow and I realized that I style outfits everyday … well some days I just ‘get dressed’ and pictures of that might not be very exciting, but everyday that I leave the house I think about what I’m wearing and have fun putting outfits together. So I’ve decided that while I’m no ‘fashionista,’ sharing some of my favourite looks, fun and simple outfits that I love and feel great in, might be kind of fun.

View More: first look in this new series, yup I’m thinking this is going to be a series, is one that I absolutely love and it’s become a bit of an “everydayer” or a “go-to” outfit for me. This is the kind of thing that I like to wear when the kids are with me, but I won’t necessarily be nursing. The tops are layered, which is perfect if you’re going to be outside in the cold weather and then playing with the kids indoors. The pants are actually yoga leggings and the boots are waterproof, warm and super comfortable. I run after a toddler often and we play on the floor a lot, so I need to be able to move around comfortably and dress for the weather if we are spending a day outside. The wool coat and hat are two of my favourite winter pieces. I can throw this coat over almost every outfit and I feel great! The hat, well who needs dry shampoo when you can wear a cute beanie!

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Outfit Details:

Hat: Loops for Days

Coat: Gap

Sweater: Oak and Fort

Long Tee: Joe Fresh

Pants: Lulu Lemon

Shoes: Emu Australia

Photography: Reena Ray Photography 

*Disclosure: Companies featured often sponsor my posts. If I love the company I am more than happy to share them with you!

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