Making this House our Home: With Schlage Hardware

Well … 2020 has been a year to remember so far and to top it all off our house officially turned 100 this year!

When you live in a 100-year-old home, but still love modern conveniences and a mixture of old and new design elements, you look for ways to blend the two.

Our house was updated a few times since it was built in 1920, however those updates happened a few decades ago, so the mixture of classic 1920’s design and 1980’s updates were in need of a contemporary change.

What I’ve noticed since we began the process of renovating and updating our home a few years ago is how important the details are and how much of an impact these details can have!

When we started adding new hardware from Schlage to the doors in our home the impact was huge! The mixture of fresh paint, new light fixtures and modern hardware has added a crisp, clean contemporary feel to our century-old farm house. The upstairs hallway, a space that we would normally just walk through, feels open, airy and welcoming. So much so that I’ve added sitting spaces and office space so we can enjoy it even more!

We started this project with paint; painting our stairs, hallways, bedrooms, bathroom and doors. Then we removed some of the old light fixtures and added recessed lighting in the hallway and brand new light fixtures in the kids’ bedrooms. Then the hardware was added, what I like to call the jewellery of a space, and to be honest, this changed all of the rooms entirely.  Looking back on all of this, a major project that started a few years ago and is now in the final stages, the entire project was pretty huge and the impact was too. I love walking up the stairs to that light-filled hallway so much!

We are going to make some more changes on our main floor as well and I am so excited to add the beautiful new hardware to these spaces too. Can’t wait to share more of our Century home updates with all of you as we go!




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