Summer Diaper Bag Essentials with Bonjour Baby Baskets

We are daydreaming of the long weekend and summer vacation over here and can’t wait for our first getaway of the season!

Guys, I think our entire family comes alive in the summer, we’ve been getting outside a lot more, taking trips to the local beach and going on picnics… we might be summer people. I love the fact that the summer means day trips and long weekend adventures, but after three kids I’ve also learned that you need a few essentials to make things like this a bit easier. I was a little worried about our first cottage trip as a family of five, but now that we’ve started packing and are getting ready to go I am pretty excited!

We try our best to pack light when we go away…but let’s be real packing light with three kids (two still in diapers) isn’t always easy. So, I am sharing a few things from one of my favourite Canadian shops, Bonjour Baby Baskets with all of you that we love for day trips and  Summer days!

Bonjour Baby Baskets is an online boutique offering Luxury Baby Gift Baskets and one-of-a-kind Baby gifts carefully curated for newborns. Not only do they offer beautiful baskets to welcome the newborns in your life, they also carry gorgeous individual gifts like some of the ones I’ve included below.

These are a few of my current favourites:

The Marindale Diaper Back Pack Bag

I had my eye on this bag for forever and let’s just say that a backpack diaper bag is life changing especially with multiples and with more than one baby in diapers! It’s so spacious and it works so well for those day trips when we need to pack a lot with us, or just a regular afternoon when we are just out for the day! I also love that it’s neutral so my husband is more than happy to wear it as well.




Dreamer Organic Cotton Tee

This is perfect for Spring, Summer and transitioning into the fall as well. It’s so soft and light weight, so it is great to pack with you on those mini vacations as well!

Muslin Blanket

We love the light weight Muslin Blankets for this time of year, we have the Berry & Bloom one an use it all the time. It’s great for over the stroller as a cover, as a nursing cover or just as an everyday blanket that breathes so well especially in this warmer weather.



Mia the Lamb Natural Rubber Toy

Our little one is teething, like a lot lol, so bringing a toy like this along with us on day trips or little getaways is key.

Extras… What else I add to the Diaper Bag for Day trips 

So you might want to know what else we bring along with us on our daily adventures. I honestly pack a little less than I used to, learned to pack lighter now that there are three littles as funny as that might sound, but it’s true.


  • There are always some purees and snacks in the diaper bag for our nine-month old, at least two or three puree packs and a couple of teether snacks.
  • Granola bars and sippy cups for the boys are essentials too


Of course I always pack at least three to six diapers with me… just in case. I’ve also even been adding a few swim diapers lately… cuz you just never know


I always like to have at leaste one change of clothes per child, because some one always needs it. And the The Marindale Diaper Back Pack Bag is amazing for this because it is big enough to fit all of this.


This stays in my diaper bag all summer long, because well, it’s so necessary!

A Small Towel

We’ve been doing some days at the beach or by the water, so it’s nice to have a small towel so the kids can dry their feet if they want to dip them in the water.


We are so excited to start the summer off with a mini vacation up north! Wishing you all a wonderful summer filled with mini adventures near and far!

Would love to hear what your diaper bag summer essentials are?



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