Making this House our Home: Our Master Bedroom Retreat


”I really love coming up to our room now,” my husband said after putting the kids to sleep.

I never thought that he cared or really thought about the overall design of the spaces in our home, I honestly thought he just went along with the colours I choose because it didn’t make a difference to him. Well, apparently, I was wrong and he actually does care about these things more than he’s been letting on.

When we first moved into our new home the colours on the walls were so off putting to me that I had such a hard time feeling relaxed and at home until we had our own paint colours on the walls. I’m not sure if this matters to everyone, colours aren’t always a big deal for everybody, but for me getting those cool and calming colours on the walls was so important.

The biggest transformation was our bedroom, the boys’ room, and our living room I am so sad we didn’t take before pictures (it was craziness moving and painting with two little ones) so I will try to “paint you a picture.” Our room was a dark brown, almost black, and it felt like a dark and gloomy cave. There were even blackout blinds on the windows, so it was pretty much the darkest space ever! The boys’ room was a deep purple, also almost black, and I think it gave our oldest nightmares.

We updated both colours to a cool gray and choose a lot of light and airy colours as well as soft textures in both spaces. I love dreamy spaces that make you feel like you are on a cloud or drifting off into a slumber while laying on the beach and that’s kind of what I went for, especially in the bedroom.

The bedroom theme is “beachy, country chic” (I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing) but if not, it is now. The bed frame, nightstands/dressers and comforter are all from Wayfair (I will link the details below). We painted an old antique dresser white and the fireplace mantel as well. Yup, I’m one of those people who loves to paint wood white, just ask anyone in our family, it’s kind of a running joke now.

27A9E4F4-68FB-491C-A75B-C832C22B6492When choosing the colours and textures for our bedroom I really wanted to start with a light, white palette and then build from there. That’s where the light and fluffy comforter came in as well as the end tables and dresser. The accent colours in the room are those “beachy” sand colours on the bed frame and the lampshade, mixed with the light woods of the mirror and the blanket basket at the end of the bed. The headboard is also a soft tufted fabric which adds to the coziness of the room, softening up the overall design.

When we wake up in the morning, come into the room for an afternoon nap or go to bed at night the room feels light and airy, it reminds us of peaceful places; like the beach, something that I think really helps to create a restful environment.

What are some of the colours and textures that you like to include in your bedroom to help create that restful environment?


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Bed Frame

Bedside Tables

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