The Real Baby-Moon

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PC: Yellow Brick Road Photography 

Sometimes I truly wish I could freeze time, stay in a moment forever and soak up all the beauty that is happening around me. That’s how I feel on Sunday mornings when we are all together  and how I felt over the course of the two weeks we all spent at home as a family after our daughter was born.

Blog.Promo-2Slow mornings enjoying one-on-one time with our new daughter, snuggling in a comfy chair or lounging in bed, pancakes almost every day and warm coffee in the backyard enjoying the kids playing the crisp autumn mornings, all of us together, as a family. A couple of times we went out for a day trip if we felt like it, but mostly staying in, together.

Blog.Promo-5We went on a traditional “baby-moon” this past summer, just my husband and I, right before the birth of our daughter and it was wonderful. We got to eat quiet, romantic dinners together, chat without being interrupted and enjoy each other again for a few days. But, I truly believe that after spending two weeks at home together as a family of five, that this was our real baby-moon!

Blog.Promo-4My husband was lucky enough to have the flexibility in his schedule to stay home for a couple of weeks right after our daughter was born and we tried to soak up every sweet second spent together.

I don’t really need to say this, because we all know it, but life is busy, really busy. And this time we spent together really reminded me of how important it is to slowdown and enjoy the little things.

While our little holiday is over and life is somewhat back to normal, I am so glad that we had the opportunity to capture some pictures of our whole family during this time and keep those memories forever.

We had a wonderful newborn session with Ashely from Yellow Brick Road Photography and now have beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

Ashley was so great with our little ones and our pup, she worked with us (in the comfort of our home) and really found a way to capture our family in a way that was both beautiful and also so real. These images really feel like us!


Yellow Brick Road Photography Promo

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