Taking Care of Me in Motherhood: A Day of Wellness at Toronto Yoga Mamas

“It’s ok to be a mom and still take care of me; in fact, it’s more than necessary.”

Photography: Toronto Yoga Mamas 

During a yoga class a few months ago at Toronto Yoga Mamas I mentioned to Jamie (founder and wellness director) that I had a pretty bad shoulder injury so I wouldn’t be able to take part in some parts of the class. She graciously provided me with some options for the class and later mentioned the Wellness Services that were available within the Toronto Yoga Mamas space. Soon after this, I booked an appointment to meet with Dr. Aliya Visram who is a part of TYM’s Chiropractic Care Team and I can’t begin to express how happy I am that I did this.

IMG_0109As a mother of two, I am constantly on the go (the early stages of motherhood are so demanding –physically); from lifting babies in an out of strollers, carseats, cribs and highchairs to just simply holding them because they want to be held, all of this can put so much stress on our bodies. This past year, while on maternity leave with my youngest and also being home with my oldest, I strained my shoulder pretty badly and the pain was becoming a bit unbearable at times (there were days when I couldn’t lift my arm over my shoulder). It was so frustrating that simply lifting my boys was causing me to strain this injury more and more. When I met with Dr. Aliya she knew exactly what was happening and could feel the stress and tension I was holding in my shoulders. Our initial consultation gave me a much better idea of my injury and how to take the necessary steps towards healing.

IMG_0017Dr. Aliya took the time to chat with me about the injury beforehand; asking me questions about my daily activities, what lead-up to the injury and past injuries that may have triggered this current one. After some stretches, adjustments and taping, my arm felt a lot better than before my visit. In addition to all of this; Dr. Aliya provided me with a series of exercises and strengthening techniques to do between this initial consultation and our next visit. What I loved the most about our initial consultation was that Dr. Aliya was so easy to talk to and made me feel completely at ease, being a mother herself, Dr. Aliya and I shared stories and understood one another. She helped me understand how my injury was reoccurring because of my daily activities and how to ease the strain on my shoulder whenever I could.

IMG_0139Toronto Yoga Mamas is one of those places that you always want to stay and linger a little bit longer. The space itself is beautiful, tranquil and welcoming and it’s more than just a yoga studio for moms and expecting moms. From Wellness Services like Chiropractic Care, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Pelvic Floor Physiotheorapy to Educational Workshops and Shopping, this space has so much to offer moms and mothers-to-be within the community.

IMG_0172As a new mom, I often find that it can be easy to forget about myself and my own wellness, pushing through sleep deprivation, injuries and stress without even realizing that I’m doing this. I am so happy to have been introduced to Toronto Yoga Mamas and, more recently their Wellness Services. Finding a community like this that supports and encourages healthy living is so important and something I needed to help me be the best version of myself for my little ones.

I am still learning that self-care is not ‘selfish’ and wholeheartedly embracing this will probably take a long time, but I have learned that I cannot pour from an empty cup or care for others if I am not at my best and taking the time to take care of myself has become a huge part of my own journey in motherhood.

If you are thinking about giving the Wellness Services at Toronto Yoga Mamas a try,  be sure to head over to their website: http://www.torontoyogamamas.com/.



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