The Sweet Life: A Bakers Krate Review

IMG_2207Ok so it’s confession time; pretty much everyone in our house, including … well especially me, has a sweet tooth. So when there was a knock at the door on a cold February day and it was a box of baked goods, we were all a little too excited. “What dat mama,” my toddler asked as we walked into the kitchen to see what was inside. Then I made a rookie mistake, I let him open the package! His eyes lit up like he was seeing a fireworks display at Disney for the first time. “Nummy chocolate,” and in that moment it was confirmed he might be more of a cookie monster than his mama.

IMG_2213The box was from Bakers Krate, a monthly dessert box that ships locally made and freshly baked goods from Canadian artisans right to your door. Yup, it’s like a bakery in a box that comes to your door. Also known as a dessertie’s (not sure if this is a word yet) dream box. I don’t know about you, but chocolate (like that really rich you can savour the bar for a few days kinda chocolate) might be one of my biggest weaknesses. Bakers Krate offers one, three or six month subscriptions, so you can treat yourself once a month or send gifts throughout the year to friends and family almost anywhere in Canada.

IMG_2220Our February box was filled with a variety of desserts; chocolate, brownies, cookies and cake pops. Two of my favourites in this box were the Pink Lady Square and the Belgian Chocolate heart. And our little one went crazy for the Peanut Butter Pops. The box came with a dessert menu that described each individual dessert in detail and the makers. It’s so nice to try different desserts from Canadian small shops and learn more about the makers.

IMG_2225With spring on the way (even though it doesn’t really feel that way yet) this means Easter and Mother’s Day are coming up. Baker’s Krate is the perfect gift for family and loved ones during the Easter season or to send to mom for Mother’s Day. It’s such a great way to send a little sweetness this spring season. Alternatively, or in addition to sending Bakers Krate as a gift, you can order a subscription for yourself. Why not, right? If you like having baked goods in the house this is also a great way to stock up once a month to have a few goodies for guests, or as a treat for yourself. I always like to have something out when people come over and don’t always have the time to bake, so this is a great way to have fresh and unique desserts for those last minute visits or a Sunday afternoon coffees. And if sharing isn’t your thing, I totally get it, don’t get between me and my chocolate either. This is the perfect little treat just for you.


I’m partnering with Bakers Krate to offer my readers a coupon code! And share some of the sweetness! See below for details:

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