We are Weekenders: Emu Australia Review

img_1423If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s spending weekends with my family, especially when our days are free and we can do simple things like walk to the lake and feed the birds. There’s something about taking things slow on the weekend that makes for a great week ahead.

img_1384A slow Sunday can mean so many different things. Before kids it meant laying in bed until noon and then waking up just in time for the last serving of brunch at our favourite restaurant. Now with little ones, sleeping in isn’t really an option (thank goodness for naps) we are up a lot earlier and love to get outside to feed the birds, snuggle on the couch or make brunch together.

img_1419Our toddler is old enough now that he gets excited about things. ‘I see birds’, ‘ I make’ or ‘Charlie walk’ are just a couple of things he looks forward to. We are weekenders over here and our lifestyle and closets reflect that.

img_1418We love to be cozy and keep things simple. That’s why slip on Emu Waterproof Sheepskin boots for mama and littles as well as the baby booties for our youngest, are perfect for our winter weekend adventures! As a mom of two these slip-ons are amazing for all of us. My toddler can put them on by himself, they are super easy to put on my five-month-old and (since I’m always the last one to get ready) these are great to slip on right before we run out the door. On top of all of this, they are so warm and super cozy! I often wear them without socks.

img_1280We love our winter weekends and spending that time together outside or cozying up together inside are just a few of our favourites! Snuggling on the couch with a good book or slowing down and enjoying nap time together, these slippers have become a new favourite for me too!

We really are weekenders and slow weekends spent together are our favourite!img_1401






I’m so excited to partner with Emu Australia to offer my readers and followers an amazing mama and little giveaway!

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