Finding Your Voice: A Writing Workshop

PC: Reena Ray 

“You do have a story inside you; it lies articulate and waiting to be written”

— Anne Rice

Writing and storytelling has been my passion, my escape and my favourite from of expression since before I understood what it meant to put words to paper. In 2015, while I was waiting for my first son to be born, I finally began to publish my own work in the form of a blog. I’d been freelance writing for a few years and made the choice to put myself out there and start a publication of my own. After the birth of my oldest the words began to flow like never before. I was writing almost everyday and a surge of creativity had taken over. Through motherhood my desire to write has become stronger and the ideas richer and more rooted in love. Now, two years and two beautiful baby boys later, I have found my voice. Motherhood gave me the inspiration and push I needed to create something I’d always dreamed of, a space to share my stories, a room of my own.

img_1132We all have a story inside of us, ideas we want to share and I am so excited to start working with storytellers to help them find that unique voice, a voice that is already there, just waiting to be shared.

img_3743Partnering with Assembly Toronto as part of their Winter Wellness series, I am hosting my first writing workshop on March 4 at their Toronto Studio! The focus is on finding your voice through journaling. By the end of the workshop we hope that you will have sparked the creative fire you need to start your own blog or take your blog to the next level!

You can sign up: here.

Promo Code!

Pssst …if you want to bring a friend (the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the city) use promo code: bringabud to get 50% off your second ticket!          




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