Sleep Under the Stars Birthday



“Stars mama … dark ‘ouside’ moon come!”

For months now the stars and the moon have fascinated our little one, so when we started planning his second birthday party it was a toss up between his obsession with Paw Patrol, snowmen and the stars. After realizing that the snowman decorations were really just our Christmas decorations and that our house is already filled with plenty of Paw Patrol memorabilia, the star theme won out.


There’s something magical about the stars that seems to make our little one light up and we were able to capture a little bit of this with some help from my star shaped cookie cutters (which also work well as tracers), gold spray paint and some help from my good friend Lesley at Swell Made Co. (stay tune for a feature coming up soon). I was so excited to see the look on our little man’s face when he came out of his room on the morning of his birthday and saw the little stars everywhere.


We celebrated with close family and friends and were so lucky to have so much help with all of the cooking and baking! I made one of my favourite chocolate cake recipes (yup, I have a couple) and this one might be becoming a bit of a birthday tradition. The recipe for this one is from Three Times a Day, a Canadian cookbook that I use all the time and absolutely love! I topped the cake with some star shaped sugar cookies that my little guy helped make. This recipe came from Bobbette and Belle.



There was a snowstorm, our little one may have almost been late for his own birthday (yup, we are kind of a mess) and we almost lost the dessert table, but it really was a beautiful mess, full of love and lots of laughs!




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