Liebster Award: I’ve been Nominated !

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Blogging has become such a positive and creative element of my life over the past year. It’s given me a creative outlet and connected me with some incredibly inspiring and supportive people.

I am so honoured and thankful to have been nominated by Andrea of Flowers and Faux Pas for the Liebster Award! Andrea, a fellow mom and blogger, has been incredibly supportive of my blogging journey and I am so happy that we’ve connected.


The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize and connect with fellow bloggers. In fact, since my nomination about a week ago I’ve had the chance to really connect with some of the bloggers I follow and love in an authentic way. I’ve actually gotten to know them even more through this experience and I am so grateful for this. Rather than hitting the “like button”, talking about this process gave us the opportunity to have conversations and I’ve learned that I have way more in common with the bloggers I follow than I realized! Cheers to paying it forward and, of course social media.

The Liebster Award is just that – a way to pay-it-forward by nominating fellow bloggers. At this point, I can honestly say that I’m more excited about the connections I’ve made than the possibility of winning an award. The award is geared to relatively newer blogs that are just starting to gain a following.


The Liebster Award Rules:

Thank the blog that nominated you on a post in your blog.
Answer the questions asked by the blog that nominated you.
Nominate 5-11 other new bloggers.
Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
Notify all nominees via social media.


My Answers to Andrea’s Questions:


Q. If you could only live in an eternal Summer or eternal Winter Summer, which would you choose?

A. Eternal summer, hands down! I love a bit of snow around Christmas time and my favourite season is fall, but I love the growth and warmth of the summer way more than the chill of winter.

Q. Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

A. That’s a tough one. I like a mix of both, but would take savoury more often than sweet.

Q. If you had a Theme song, what would it be?

A. “Go your own way” by Fleetwood Mac.

Q. What was the last book you read?

A. I just finished This is Happy by Camilla Gibb. Great read!

Q. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A. I’m a night owl for sure. I love the idea of waking up early, but it only happens because I have to lol.

Q. What is your dream vacation?

A. My dream vacation would be to move to Paris and never leave!

 Q. Stilettos, Sneakers or Ballet Flats?

A. Stilettos until they hurt, then I bust out the flats hiding in my purse.

 Q. What is your go-to recipe?

A. Loaf! Any kind of loaf really. I love fresh bread and a sweet treat, so I make a lot of loaves.

 Q. Do you prefer your men bearded or clean-shaven?

A. Beards for sure! I’m a big fan of the authentic “rugged” look. The “I-actually-just-go-out-of-the-shower-didn’t-have-time-or-care-enough-to-shave-threw-these-jeans-and-this-white-Tshirt-on” kind of look! That pretty much sums up my husband in a nutshell.

Q. Why did you start your blog?

A. I started my blog just before the birth of my son. He was overdue so this gave me a creative way to keep my mind occupied while I waited for his arrival. Writing, Jo March and motherhood are all inspirations for my blog. Writing has always been a big part of my life and I finally found the guts and a way to share it with the world.

Q. If your blog had a Mission Statement, what would it be?

A. Create the life you imagined.


Josephine: a Creative life Nominees:

Danielle of: Millennial Mama Blog

Francesca of: The Hungry Homemaker Blog

Georgia of: Extra Sparkles Please

Kiki of: Harper’s Hats Love

Tara of: Fancy Little Momma


Questions for my Nominees:

  1. If you could give your life a book title what would it be?
  2. Quotes are such a big thing these days. What’s your favourite quote?
  3. What’s your favourite comfort food?
  4. Do you prefer a day at the beach or wandering the streets of a beautiful city?
  5. Coffee or tea?
  6. On a Friday night would you like to be in your favourite trackers or the perfect party dress?
  7. What is your favourite book of all time?
  8. What was the original inspiration behind your blog?
  9. We are all mamas so let’s hear some “balancing act” tips. How do you keep up with a blog and mom life?
  10. Describe your ideal Saturday morning.
  11. Who’s your inspiration?


Congrats to all the nominees! You are all very creative and inspirational women. I hope you enjoyed connecting as much as I did!

I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks again Andrea, what an awesome way to connect!


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