Small Space Solutions and Toddler Toys: Munchkin Canada



IMG_2424As a new mom I am always on the hunt for innovative and fun toddler stuff, but living in a small space means that I have to be very selective about which products we can actually bring home as there just isn’t enough space for a lot of stuff. When I choose products for our little one, they need to be able to fit into our lifestyle which means they are incredibly functional, multi-purpose and suit our little one’s needs for more than just a short period of time.

Those of us with toddlers know that they love to explore and really want to be independent; in fact, our little man seriously wants to do everything on his own. He stopped letting us spoon feed him months ago, which means that meal and snack time can get pretty messy over here! He also loves animals right now and is so eager to learn all of the different noises they make!


This week I am so excited to partner with Munchkin Canada to share a few of my favourite toddler toys, meal and diapering solutions!

Toddler Toys


After our visit to the petting zoo at the Maple Syrup Festival, our little explorer started to make animal noises! He is obsessed with barnyard animals right now and loves to repeat the noises they make or read stories about them. So when we unpacked the Barn Squirts he couldn’t wait to play! These barnyard toys are meant for bath time, but he takes them with him all over the house, lining them up in his room or just carrying them around and shouting out their sounds.


Meal and Snack Time Solutions

The Click Lock Deluxe Snack Catcher


Snack time can get very messy over here and this product really helps alleviate some of this mess. It features two lids, one for keeping the food in and another one with soft flaps so that toddlers can feed themselves without dumping the snack everywhere. It’s perfect for snacking at home or on the go!


The Miracle 360 Sippy Cup




So this one actually blew my husband and I away! We couldn’t believe how this worked and when our little man figured it out on the first try we were hooked. This is a sippy cup that really feels like drinking out of a real cup. Toddlers can drink from any part of the rim and it does not spill! The top re-seals every time. This is also good for your little one’s dental health as it is a lot closer to a real cup (no spouts). I think our little man really feels like part of the family when we are all drinking out of cups and glasses during dinnertime.


The Go-to Bib


I am thrilled about the fact that we have a toddler who is convinced that he can feed himself, but I do have to say this has led to more messes than I can keep up with. So when my mother-in-law brought over the Go-to Bib, it literally became my go-to bib (getting cleaned after every meal and having a permanent home on the back of my son’s highchair). This bib actually catches a lot of the mess, is super easy to clean (just a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth) and it also doubles as a carrying pouch for utensils when you and your toddler are on the go! Less really is more. I have two of these bibs and to be honest that’s all I need and all I have space to store.



Diapering Solutions

The Step Diaper Pail


Ok, so at some point over past few months our little man has been creating some not-so-little messes that come with some not-so-nice smells. We’ve had a few diaper pails before this one and I can honestly say, while I love the concept, the smell was becoming too much. I really considered moving his diaper pail into the bathroom to keep the smell contained. The Step Diaper Pail really does make a difference; I love the fresh lavender scent from the Arm and Hammer Puck, this actually absorbs odours while the self-sealer keeps the stink from getting out. When your baby’s room is only ten feet from your living room, you don’t want the smells to be seeping out. I also love that this is more than just your average “green” product. For every pail sold, Munchkin plants a tree. Fresh air all around! Be sure to check out the giveaway details below to win a pail!


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Disclosure: Companies featured often sponsor my posts and, or send products for review. If I love the company and their products, I am more than happy to share them with you!


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