Kicking off the Festive Season with Farm’r and The Toronto Christmas Market

We truly do love taking our kids to restaurants and we do it all the time. I will admit, it isn’t always easy, but it’s something that we truly do enjoy and when we find a spot that offers great food and makes our family feel welcome, I can guarantee you we will be going back and telling everyone we know about it. So that’s why I’m sharing the awesome experience we had at Farm’r with all of you!

This past weekend we kicked off the holiday season with one of our favourite traditions, spending the day at the Toronto Christmas Market. We absolutely love taking the kids there, as soon as we step into the market it feels like the holidays have begun and the kids are always in awe of the things to see there. We always plan to have a late lunch with the kids when we visit the market, partially because we are all hungry after a day spent walking around and partially because it’s a great way to relax together and warm up.

This year after our morning at the Market, we made our way to Farm’r; a welcoming and casual, farm-to-table restaurant located right beside the St. Lawrence Market and walking distance from the Christmas Market. From the moment we walked in to Farm’r we felt like our family was at home (and so did our kids). Farm’r has included a lot of  little touches in their restaurant that really do speak to families. From the kids toys,  to the well-thought-out bathroom spaces, (yes as someone who has been bringing babies and kids to restaurants for the past four-and-half-years this is so important and makes a world of difference) they’ve really considered kids and families when planning out their space.

The atmosphere is casual and incredibly welcoming, featuring big beautiful harvest tables, a nod to the farm-to-table dining experience, gorgeous décor that mixes modern farm house with the crisp clean lines of Scandinavian style. I totally want to mimic this style in my own home now, stay tuned because they may have inspired a dining room reno lol.

The space is truly beautiful and the service was wonderful. Then we tasted the food, and let’s just say we may have found our new favourite spot in the city! The food was incredibly fresh, everything is made from scratch and they offered so many unique spins on traditional dishes that we absolutely loved!

My husband had the Smoked Beef Brisket and I can tell you that it was delicious, because I obviously tried it. The great part about the dishes at Farm’r is that you get a lot of choice when it comes to building your meal so you get to customize your order, which is so refreshing and you basically end up loving everything on your plate.

I tried the Holiday Special and I was so glad I did, it literally reminded me of Christmas dinner with a twist. The favours were incredible, offering such a fun spin on a traditional dish.

And… if you have kids, you’ll really appreciate how excited it made me when our four-year-old expressed how much he loved his roasted carrots, yup you read that right, he was raving about how delicious his Roasted Carrots were. I think this would make any mom’s day!

It truly was a great dining experience, the food, the service and the space were wonderful and such a fantastic way to end our day at the Market. If you’re thinking about heading out to the Christmas Market this year, I would highly recommend Farm’r as a place to visit before or after your trip to the Christmas Market, or anytime you are in that area of the city. It’s also the perfect place to pop in when you’re visiting the St. Lawrence Market as well.


I’m so excited to be partnering with Farm’r offer a $50.00 Farm’r Gift Card to one lucky winner!

How to Enter:

  1. Head on over to My Instagram Page For Entry Details. Link Here.
  2. For Extra Entries …Share a Dish from The Farm’r Menu that You’d Like to Try in the Comments Section of the Instagram Post.


Good Luck!





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