Holiday Hot Chocolate with Vodka Mudshake

So I caved this weekend …

Yup, we started to deck the halls and I made a fun festive drink using chocolate flavoured Vodka Mudshake.

We had a busy day on Saturday at the market (can’t wait to share more on that with all of you) and then we relaxed a lot more on Sunday and tried my Vodka Mudshake Hot Chocolate.

This is one of those super simple holiday recipes that you can literally make on the fly while entertaining. The mixed portion of the drink is already taken care of for you so all

I need to do was warm up the Vodka Mudshake and add garnish.

Ingredients (serves two)

Two 270ml Bottles of Chocolate Vodka Mudshake

Whipping cream

Two tsps Chocolate Shavings



1. Warm Vodka Mudshake in a pot …don’t bring to a boil, just heat up the drink enough that it’s warm.

2. Pour Vodka Mudshake into your favourite Christmas mugs.

3. Top with whipped cream (home made or store bought will work).

4. Add chocolate shavings for a little added deliciousness.

Snuggle up, Enjoy and Cheers to the holidays !



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