Our Big Boy’s Little Plans for the Best Day Ever

57bb46d6-8ad9-4ed2-b522-df7e6fa7ec9eA couple of weeks ago I was lying on the couch with our oldest during nap time, while our two-year-old and 11-month-old we sleeping (something that he has decided to not take part in as often anymore) and I started to get a little bit sad that he is going to be starting school soon.

Those one-on-one moments are so few and far between these days and I wanted to see what he liked doing the most while he’s still at home, so I decided that I would ask him. The best part about his list was that it was sweet and simple.

Sometimes I think we complicate things as parents, trying to give our little ones big experiences that might not be what they like or need, when in fact they enjoy the little things in a way that is so amazing. The other thing that I thought was so awesome about his list was that it confirmed that we are doing the things he loves to do on a regular basis and that we as parents are enough… we don’t need to do more, be more, spend more or get more to make our kids happy … we just need to be there enjoying life beside them. Number ten really confirmed this for me. So here it his, his list of things that he loves and ways to have the Best Day Ever!

Our Big Boy’s Little Plans for the Best Day Ever

  1. Fly a Kite 
  2. Make Cupcakes 
  3. Go outside 
  4. Play with Friends 
  5. Go on Bikes 
  6. Play with LEGO 
  7. Watch Shows 
  8. And …if it’s a really fun day, go to the beach ! 
  9. Have a picnic 
  10. Water Plants 
  11. Pick flowers for mommy 


Thank you to our sweet son for reminding me of the things that mean so much.



One thought on “Our Big Boy’s Little Plans for the Best Day Ever

  1. Yes Vanessa, I remember when my boys were little. They were far more interested in playing with the boxes that their gifts came in then the gifts themselves. The highlight of their summer was finding a salamander under an old rotted log at the cottage! Little hearts and minds sure can help adult hearts and minds put things into perspective.
    Looks like you are making fond memories this summer.


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