A letter to my Little Ones

IMG_2528Dear Ben, Nate and Layla;


“One day you will look back and see that all along: you were blooming”

– Morgan Harper Nichols


I was inspired by the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to write this letter to our little ones and let’s just say that it took me weeks to feel like it was even close to what I wanted to say, but with time I will be adding on to this because the more you grow the more you know.

I’m writing you this as your mom, but also as someone who has learned so much about life from each of you. Yes, I’m your mama and I want to teach you everything I can, but you have taught me a lot too and for that I am so grateful.

It’s taken me a long time to turn these ideas into words that I can finally share with you so let’s start with that; patience…

Good things take time, so slow down and take your time; in the end, you will look back and realize it was worth the wait.

Hold on tight to your dreams and believe in things that are good; do things out of love and never let the path that takes you to your dreams take you off of the good course.

What you are matters, and I hope that you are so proud of and enjoy the careers you choose, but know that what you are does not in any way define who you are. You are you so be the best you that you can be – your kindness, your strength, your happiness – this is who you are not the letters that come before or after your name.

Take pride in your work; whether it’s cutting the lawn, making your bed or writing your next book; elevate the everyday and be grateful for all that you have.

Dream as big as you can; the limits are beyond the stars and your world is as big as you can dream it!

Live your life doing the things you love out of love, and if you can try to do the type of work that comes from the heart, helps people, and makes you happy, that way even when you are working you will be able to find Joy!

Seek out the beauty of simplicity – the peace of a calm morning sunrise, the warm summer breeze on your face, skipping rocks by the water, the warmth of a hug, and a handmade blanket on a winter’s day – these are the things we live for, what we long for, and what we keep in our memories. These are what I hope I can give you.

Love always,





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