Dear Deerhurst: Our Review of the Resort

fullsizeoutput_279cDear Deerhurst,

Thank you for reminding us to take a break from the daily grind, to get outside and play, to enjoy the winter and run in the snow with our little ones, to cuddle up on a sleigh ride and steal baby kisses on a starlit trail. Thanks for reminding us to stop time and savour these moments together.

fullsizeoutput_27a1Yes, traveling with little ones is something that is often romanticized; some think it’s beautiful in theory but in reality, it’s too much of a challenge. I am here to tell you that yes, the chaos, the planning and the packing is all kind of tough, I’m not going to pretend like it’s smooth sailing from start to finish, but I am going to tell you that it’s more than worth it! It’s worth it to spend that time together enjoying each other; it’s worth it to hear them say “mommy can we stay here forever”, and it’s worth it because I want them to remember beautiful moments like these. I want them to look back on their childhood and remember sleigh rides in the snow and starlit winter walks. Because when I look back at my own childhood I remember the sandcastles in the sun and snowmen in the snow, but I have no recollection of the toys we accumulated over the years. So, to me, it’s worth it to stop time for a bit with our babies and travel together when we can.


00000IMG_00000_BURST20190310172055624_COVERWe’ve done some travel in Ontario with our little ones over the years and we’ve learned that it’s in the simple things that they often find the most joy. Sledding in the snow, pony rides or nature walks and that’s why when we were trying to find a destination for our winter holiday this year, Deerhurst Resort Muskoka was at the top of our list and let’s just say that it was the perfect spot for our young family. The resort was such a great fit for us, from the suite we stayed in that was the perfect size, to all of the child-friendly amenities and activities. So, if you have little ones and you are looking for a March Break or winter destination, I would highly recommend Deerhurst because they truly do cater to families with children of all ages and that made us feel so welcome.


Highlights from our DeerHurst Holiday

fullsizeoutput_2797Stoneleigh Farms

Petting Farm & Pony Rides: If you ask our kids what the best part of the trip was, they will go back and forth between the farm experiences and the Fun Zone. We started our trip with Pony Rides at Stoneleigh Farms and this was the first time our boys had ever ridden on horseback, well… “ponyback”, and they were so excited about it!

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190308160326920_COVERWhile we were at the farm for the pony and sleigh rides, the kids also had access to the petting farm where they fed the goats, bulls, pigs and horses. After our first visit, they kept asking when we were going back, so, of course, we went back the next day, because they loved it and well, to us…that’s what matters.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190308160648994_COVERBeing big fans of all things animals, let’s just say they were in their glory. From the petting farm to the pony rides they loved every minute of it. The best part for us was to see them so happy and comfortable on the ponies, it’s always such a joy to hear your kids say that they loved something and want to go back. They’ve been telling everyone we know about this and we are so happy that this was such a highlight for them. If your little one’s love animals as much as ours, be sure to add an afternoon or two at Stoneleigh Farms to your Deerhurst must do list.

Sleigh Rides 

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190309123918633_COVERWhen we first talked about taking the kids to Deerhurst I was so excited about the sleigh rides and snuggling with our little ones as the horses trotted through the snow. The amazing thing about it was that the day we went was absolutely beautiful, we lucked out with this because it snowed the night before and the grounds looked gorgeous after the fresh snowfall.  The sun was out and kept us warm and the views were breathtaking. If you get the chance to visit Deerurst in the winter this is an absolute must!


Starlight Snowshoe Trail

fullsizeoutput_271cLet’s talk about magical moments for a minute, you know those moments that stay in your mind long after it’s happened. Well, a walk through the Starlight Trail at dusk is something I will cherish forever. We go on walks with the kids all the time at home and let’s just say this was one for the books.


While we didn’t use snowshoes, this is an option if you want to. We took the sled and walked along the trails taking in the scenery and enjoying the beautiful grounds at Deerhurst. Something like this is so simple, but it’s in that simplicity that we are able to see so much beauty.




Our favourite place to eat was at The Eclipse Dining Room. Breakfast and Sunday brunch were our favourite because the room had huge windows that overlooked the resort so you could enjoy the food while taking in stunning views of the grounds.

The food itself was also great for kids, lots of options and because it was a buffet you didn’t need to wait long at all. If you are thinking of going to Eclipse for the dinner buffet I would suggest making a reservation for this restaurant as it is one of the more popular ones.

We also ate dinner at Compass Grill & Bar and loved it. This is a quieter space, so we tried to go during off hours with the kids.

Fun Zone (Open during the March Break)

Finally… the Fun Zone! Ok, so we tried to keep this a secret from our boys for as long as possible, because once they ran in there, they did not want to leave. This was perfect for those days that were a bit too cold or wet, and we had a snowstorm one of the days while we were there, so this was a great indoor option. What we loved the most about this, aside from the fact that the kids were so excited, was that Deerhurst truly created a space that was suited for kids of all ages. From slides and jumpy castles for little ones, to giant chess boards and table tennis for older kids they really did think of everything.


fullsizeoutput_279dWe absolutely loved our stay at Deerhurst and would go back again with our little ones for sure!




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