Love Your Life Project: Week Three (Savouring Slow Mornings with My Munchkins)


I know that things will not always stay this way; slow, with hardly anywhere to go, but I do know that one day I will miss this, so I should learn to take things slow and soak it all in … the snuggles, the cuddles and the chaos.

I’ve decided to share what it’s like doing your make-up with a four-year-old on Instagram today … and show what our days are like when we had nowhere to be. I will potentially post a real make-up routine that’s actually in order and more helpful, but for now … this seemed more appropriate because this is what it looks like whenever I am doing something around my kids, they want to join in and be a part of it and well, that’s kind of something I should savour.

It’s taken me a while to settle into our slow mornings while I’ve been off with my kids because I was so used to rushing out the door while I was working. It’s so funny how even when you can slow down, it’s hard to teach yourself how to do this and actually enjoy it.

I still have this feeling like I need to get things done, when in reality I should just stop and savour this time with my little ones, because time moves quickly it’s us that needs to slow things down.

Yes, most mornings in our house there is a baby crying, a two-year-old spilling the majority of his food on the floor and a four-year-old asking me a hundred times if he can have a lollipop for breakfast, but the reality is once everyone has their food and mommy has had her coffee I should just sit and enjoy. Enjoy the fact that we often don’t have any plans, enjoy the fact that we could spend the whole day in our pjs if we wanted to and enjoy the fact that I am with them, that we are spending our mornings, our entire days together!

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190303153611258_COVERI’m not sure if this is a reflection on loving a specific element of your life, or a way for me to realize that this is something I have and should be savouring while I can. Because in a little while this will change, school drop offs will start once our oldest starts school and because I will be going back to work and things will get a whole lot busier in the morning. So, for now, I am happy that things are slow and might find a way to bring a little more joy to our morning routine. Maybe more morning walks, more reading or yoga with the little ones or just eating outside once the weather warms up.

What are some ways that you savour your slow days with your little ones? Would love to hear them.







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