Six Ways to Slow Down, Simplify and Savour this Season

IMG_4358If you’re like me, you got a bit of a head start on the holiday rush by doing some of your shopping ahead of time, then you got a bit too comfy and left a little until the end. Well it’s not too late to find simple ways to still slow down and enjoy.


  1. Turn your Christmas Shopping into a Day Date!

View More: the past few years my husband and I have been taking an afternoon or two to do some shopping together, sans babies. I do a lot of the shopping, ok let’s be real, the majority of the Christmas shopping, and it’s nice to take a bit of the pressure off and do some of it together. We buy coffee, drink it hot, and shop together. It makes the experience enjoyable and we get to spend that time together. Just don’t try to by their gift while they are with you, you will totally get caught lol.


  1. Wine and Wrap

img_0570Yup, this is another date idea. Years ago one of my best friends and I decided that we would get together with all of our gifts, some treats and wine and wrap our gifts together. This is something you can do as a “girls night” or as another date night idea. My husband is honestly such a great wrapper, I add the bows and things afterwards, we light some candles, play Christmas music and it turns a menial task into something kind of fun.


  1. Head out to a Christmas Market

View More: of the things we love doing each year is going to the Toronto Christmas Market! There’s something magical about the whole experience and sometimes we find some really fun and unique gifts while we are there. One thing I would suggest though is to try and go during the week, as we get closer to Christmas weekends at the Market can be super busy. You can read more about our Toronto Christmas Market experiences here.


  1. Bake with your Besties

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181125131819804_COVEREach year I plan to bake with my mother-in-law, sister or with good friends and as our little ones get older I love baking with them too. Planning a baking day ahead of time ensures that you will get all the baking done and it makes for a more enjoyable experience. We always find that many hands make for light work and it’s just way more fun this way!


  1. Enjoy some time for You

IMG_1321There’s always so much to do at this time of year, the shopping rush, cleaning for hosting… the lists could go on forever. But there needs to be sometime spent slowing down too. I always opt for a bath or a good book, when I need some time for me and at this time of year I love sweet wine, or tea and a pine scented candle.

6. Plan Days to Do Nothing

097C167D-49BC-41FC-A74A-D72979FF9E26This year we have more than seven different Christmas events between now and New Years, so I am making an effort to plan for days where we literally do nothing; stay in our pjs and rest. There’s this feeling that comes at this time of year that we should be doing all the things, but sometimes doing noting is the best thing  .


I would love to hear some of your favourite ways to slow down and savour the season.



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