Nestle Up with Nest Designs

IMG_3492Weekends are for pyjamas! Let’s not kid ourselves, if we have nowhere to be our kids stay in their pyjamas all day. In fact, last week we took an evening trip to the hardware store as a family and my husband laughed as we put the boys’ boots and coats on over their pyjamas. He mentioned as we were leaving the house, “we look like one of those super prepared families who has their kids ready for bed ahead of time… little do they know, these kids just spent the whole day in these pyjamas lol!”

IMG_3491We love our lounge wear over here, I am a huge fan of comfort and you will find me in a onesie most of the time. The same goes for our boys, it’s either pjs or cozy sweats over here and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Unless we are going somewhere super fancy, this is what we wear.

da422f64-3773-4641-b083-0f30da2dbfe3Last weekend as the boys made their way downstairs for breakfast, my husband came down raving about their new fall pyjamas. “Oh my goodness Vaness, I love these Pjs!” he said as he walked into the living room after a morning diaper change. Yup, we get excited about baby outfits that are warm, cute and functional over here.

There’s something about baby and toddler clothes that are made well and made with parents in mind that makes me happy. That might sound sad, that things like this excite us, but when you are parents of three kids (three-and-under) it really is those little things that will make you smile. Those things that make parent-life simpler.


The Forest Friends Sleep Suit by Nest Designs, another amazing Canadian Shop, is made of a layered bamboo blend, it’s so soft and warm, it has a two-way zipper and diaper-changing snaps, which means it keeps our little ones warms and it makes life easier for us. And as the cooler weather settles in, I think fall is here for good my friends, it’s the perfect way to keep our little ones warm at night.


Happy Weekend I hope you’re keeping warm and cozy!







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