Not Pregnant anymore…just Imperfect

80EAD10A-BE18-4584-9768-AB6AB2DA02B3The other day our three-year-old asked me “why my belly was still like that?”  

Now I do realize that it’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve given birth to our sweet baby girl Layla, and it would be weird if my belly didn’t look like this, but the funny part is after our first was born I asked a very similar question. “When will I go back to my old self and why is my belly still like this if the baby is out?” 

Society and the media in general has come a long way in terms of positive body image especially for females; however, that pressure for mothers to pop back after birth seems to still exist.

0AA84559-B1C3-418D-8F01-68096B0DC178I’m not saying that I’m not excited to wear my old clothes again, or feel more like myself physically, but I have learned after three pregnancies and recoveries that feeling good is something ( this is going to sound cheesy… but oh well) that needs to come from inside. If I’m not feeling well emotionally I won’t feel good physically. Yes sometimes doing my hair or make-up makes me feel better, but you can’t really rush this healing process and giving ourselves the time we need to heal is so important.

Physically healing before looking physically appealing; you really can’t rush this stuff.  That’s why you have you have to wait at least  six weeks to exercise. So let’s give ourselves and our bodies a break mamas.

This body housed a human for nine months, yes it was a home for our baby girl and if it’s not back to “normal “ after a few weeks, a month or two …or more, that needs to be ok.


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