Hand-me-Downs and Caring for Our Kids’ Clothes with Downy Fabric Conditioner

fullsizeoutput_1861Ok so laundry is not exactly my favourite thing in the world, to be honest I think it may be my least favourite house-hold chore, but it always needs to be done especially with two littles ones and using products that smell amazing, keep our clothes and linens fresh while helping to protect clothes wash-after-wash so they can be handed-down is really important to me.

IMG_6580Hand-me-downs are huge in our house, with two boys only 19-months apart and another one on the way, our little ones’ clothes need to last. Not only do I try to make sure that we are buying quality clothes that will last year-after-year, but I am so much more aware of how important it is use good quality products like Downy Fabric Conditioner to help protect them.

fullsizeoutput_1863In addition to handing-down clothes within our own house, I also love swapping kids clothes with friends too! It’s such a great way to share and get more use out of the clothes and it’s a great way to save on the cost of clothes as well.

Clothing swap parties are a fun way to share clothes that your little ones no longer need between friends. I am lucky enough to have friends with kids the same age and passing along clothes has worked so well for us! I’m thinking that the next time we do this I will host a clothing swap party, because any excuse to hang out with friends, share a few laughs and some sweet treats works for me!

If you want to know more about Down Fabric Conditioner or how to host your own clothing swap party head on over to http://www.handmedowny.ca/. You can also find a $2 coupon for Downy Fabric Conditioner so you can try it out for yourself.





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