Making this House Our Home Part Two: The Office


There’s something about this extra long winter and the cold that makes you want to cozy up in your favourite corner of the house and read a good book.

In our old house, our office space was a small corner of our very tiny mud room, it doubled as a storage room and had three doorways in it which also meant it was a a high traffic space. The lighting in the room was great and I could kind of see into our backyard, but for the most part it was not an ideal space for writing, reading or anything really.

fullsizeoutput_17d4After moving into our new home about nine months ago, we decided to make the original living room into an office/ reading/ colouring room, but mostly a room that we all use as a quiet space. I love the idea of having and “adult” space in our home, but I never wanted the kids to feel like it wasn’t a space they too could enjoy, I never wanted it to feel like it was off limits to them. So, as a result, this room has become a shared space and a space where we go when we need a little bit of quiet. In fact, our three-year-old seems to really be in tuned with this idea and will wander over to his colouring corner (he has his own desk in the space too) when he needs a bit of quite too.

The space started off as just a room that was used for storing old furniture we didn’t really have a place for, so it really didn’t have a colour scheme or style. It was just a mix of random items.

Before the Update

When we were ready to start designing the space I knew I wanted there to be a corner dedicated to cozy seating, a place where someone could curl up and read. So, when I found this classic and comfy  tufted armchair from I knew it was the perfect fit for this space. Comfy, yet elegant this chair suited the style of our century home and has become an accent piece in this newly refreshed space.

fullsizeoutput_17d3I also added a warm and welcoming  area rug that adds softness and texture to the room. It also seems to be a magnet for our puppy who gravitates to it all the time.

In addition to the chair and rug, I added a side table; perfect for resting that cup of tea and a beautiful seagrass basket for added storage.

This room really did come together and I am so happy with the overall look and feel of the space. It’s warm and inviting, while still maintaining a classic look and elegant charm that works so well in our century home.

Do you have a room in your home where you can make it a bit of a retreat? I’d love to hear all about it!

Also, stay tuned for more room refreshes coming up on the blog… and I am hoping to refinish the antique desk (featured in the before picture) and our colouring table when the warm weather is finally here!

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