Shopping in my Cozy Socks: Online Grocery Shopping with

fullsizeoutput_17c0“You need to try this!” a good friend said to me a few months ago after experiencing online grocery shopping and home delivery for the first time. We are both mothers of two little ones  and well, grocery shopping can get a little bit hectic when you are trying to manage two little ones and stick to your list. Let’s just say that I never have enough snacks or fun distractions to last until we’ve made it to the checkout line. And the little ones always manage to convince me to buy a few extras that we really didn’t need.

So I recently tried out Walmart’s Online Grocery and Home Delivery Program and I can honestly say, without being overly dramatic, that it was life changing! In fact, I think I’m going to be doing this a lot more often than I ever would have guessed; it’s quick, organized, really simple and so convenient and …. the groceries come right to your door!

fullsizeoutput_17bfI’m not sure if it’s just me, but staying on track and sticking to my list (let’s be real, I don’t even always remember my list) in the grocery store is a little difficult at times, especially with little ones. Shopping from the comfort of my own home means that I can check the fridge or pantry to be sure I haven’t missed anything or to be sure I’m not doubling up on things we might already have and I can also take my time looking for specials which helps me stay under budget.


If you are thinking about giving online grocery shopping a try, do it! I can’t believe how much easier things were for us this weekend without having to dedicate two hours of our Saturday or Sunday morning to going grocery shopping. Instead we went on a nice walk, took our time enjoying brunch and I waited until nap time to do the shopping online while everyone was quiet and resting. It was such a simple and convenient way to shop!

Walmart’s Online Grocery and Home Delivery Program is now available in our area and many others in the GTA. Head on over to the website below and check it out to start shopping.

Shop Walmart Grocery

Happy Shopping!









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