The People who Give You their Food Give you their Heart: Share the Meal App


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“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with them … the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

–Cesar Chavez


Happy Saturday!

We are starting our morning with brunch today … finally getting back into our routines in the new house. Cooking and eating together is kind of a sacred thing in our house and as our little ones get older my hope is to teach them gratitude for what we have and kindness to give to those in need!


So when I heard about Share the Meal, I knew right away that this was something I wanted to take part in. Share the meal is an app from The World Food Programme that lets you send meals to children in need throughout the world directly from your phone! Right now there is a Canadian campaign called #ask1ToAsk1 going on through Share the Meal to raise 150,000 meals for children in Haiti. You can take part in the #ask1ToAsk1 challenge on social media by passing this on to your friends. Check out my Instagram post to see how this part works.

As someone with two small children, I feel so strongly about this campaign and want to help raise awareness as much as I can! I just started sharing meals and it’s so simple! If this is something you are able to do, or have been thinking of doing, check out the app for yourself link below:

Share The Meal 






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