Shopping Simplified: Our Day at Erin Mills Town Centre

Photography by: Little Moments To

Ok so the secret’s out, motherhood is messy! You can’t really perfect it and trying to will only make you crazy, so instead I’ve tried to find ways to make mom-life a little easier and not feel guilty about it. Thank goodness the world and shopping malls are on board with this trend.

IMG_8326Mommy life … there is so much I could insert here (it ain’t easy, it’s the best life …) everyday the experience is different so there should probably be a T-shirt for each one … in fact, if there is a T-shirt for every different kind of day associated with mommy life I probably need all of them! Everyday is a new challenge, a new joy and sometimes a success. Shopping with two little ones is something that can feel incredibly stressful; it’s no joke that I probably burn more calories in stress sweat we were are out than in a hot yoga class. But on the bright side, malls like Erin Mills Town Centre are going above and beyond to make this experience more enjoyable and manageable for moms and families, which makes a huge difference!IMG_8323

This is kind of a random side note, but Erin Mills Town Centre was the mall I spent most of my teenage years in, in fact I would often ask my mom if my best friend and I could spend the day there when we had a free Saturday, I loved shopping back then too! We are still best friends and she actually met up with me to shop while she was in town, we took a little trip down memory lane and reminisced about days with nothing to do but shop! While we are a lot busier now with babies and life in general, we both agreed that the mall has undergone some amazing renovations and improvements that make it perfect for moms and families! Aside from the fact that it’s beautiful, as new moms we found that the services, family oriented facilities, layout and variety of stores made shopping with little ones a lot easier! They’ve seriously thought of everything! Here are a few of the ways that I manage shopping with two little ones and how Erin Mills Town Centre made this even easier for me.

Make It Fun

IMG_8280Shopping with a baby is kind of tough, but with snacks and a place to nurse I would say it’s pretty manageable. Shopping with a “take- off- toddler,” well that’s a whole different ball game! I have a runner on my hands, like I’m talking Forest Gump kinda stuff… he just keeps going. And as much as I love his energy, when we are out shopping I have to find ways to convince him that what we are doing is more fun than “I run fast!” Insert double-seated Fire Truck here and ditch the stroller! Yup, seven dollars for your sanity and you can actually get some shopping done! This and letting him take part in what we are doing, whether it’s ordering his own food at the food court or pretending to pay for things, finding ways to have him be a part of the experience helps a lot. He likes to feel like is helping or included in whatever we are doing, so I try to make sure that this happens whenever I can.



Schedule in a Snack Break

IMG_8304Before motherhood, I never planned this part of shopping ahead of time. If I was out shopping with friends (or my husband … he hates shopping so that’s a rarity lol) we would stop to eat if we were hungry. Now that I have two little ones, we always have snacks on hand or make sure to stop for a bite to eat. “Hangry” toddlers and babies make the worst shopping partners! Erin Mills boasts a beautifully renovated food court as well as some great restaurants. While we were visiting the mall, my toddler spotted the New York Fries stand so we stopped for a bite and he did the ordering and ‘paid’ for us.

Functional Family Bathrooms and Nursing Rooms

IMG_8328When you’re pregnant, a new mom or a mom with small children public bathrooms and nursing rooms matter! You will need to use a facility at one point during your visit so it helps if they are equipped for families and a variety of needs. With my first I was so self-conscious about nursing in public and when I discovered that some of my favourite malls, Erin Mills Town Centre included, had nursing rooms this changed everything for me! I wasn’t stressed about pumping beforehand to avoid having to nurse in public so a trip to the mall was something I started to feel very comfortable with. Erin Mills Town Centre has updated their nursing rooms and they are set-up with mothers in mind. I know this sounds funny to say, but it’s honestly true. There are multiple chairs for nursing, spots to warm up milk and change diapers all in one convenient location.


Everything you Need in One Place

IMG_8267When I became a mom my shopping experienced kind of changed. Aside from the fact that I am often shopping with little ones, what I want to get done while shopping has also changed … a lot! That’s why I love shopping at malls that offer a variety of stores and services. I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of “one-stop-shopping,” especially when your shopping experience includes a double stroller, two little ones and Canadian winters! For example, Erin Mills Town Centre has over 185 different stores and services within the mall and three major anchor stores; Hudson’s Bay, Sears and Walmart. They also have a Shoppers Drug Mart and boutique shops like David’s Tea. So while I was visiting Erin Mills I was able to grab a cute iced tea maker for some upcoming summer gatherings, sip on a delicious tea from David’s Tea, buy some gifts for the kids from Roots, and pick up some diapers for the babies and mascara for mommy at Shoppers Drug Mart. With two little ones in tow, the more I can get done in one place the better!


I love shopping at places like Erin Mills Town Centre because the family oriented nature makes me feel welcome and at ease as a new mom. There have been times when I felt unable to “go-out” as a mother with two babies (not that I wasn’t welcome, but that I would be too overwhelmed to make a trip). Knowing that I will have a place to nurse, a comfortable spot to change/feed my little ones and a variety of options for shopping makes the experience just a little easier.


As a new mom I’m always looking for ways to simplify or make an experience easier. What are some ways that you making shopping with little ones simple?



IMG_8365After such a fun afternoon at the mall, I am so happy to be partnering with Erin Mills Town Centre to offer one of my followers a $100 gift card to the mall! To enter see details below.


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Good Luck!



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7 thoughts on “Shopping Simplified: Our Day at Erin Mills Town Centre

  1. What a great experience! So nice to be able to go to a mall with two little ones sans stress. Love the giveaway too!!


  2. We love Erin Mills Town Centre and all it has to offer, including New York Fries, my kids and my grandkids’ favourite distraction! Love your post, following your blog and entered on Instagram @mamalangs5 ty 🙂


  3. I worked at this mall for 8 years! It has changed so much it looks gorgeous now! You’re so right about shopping with children, I truly appreciated the nursing rooms too. Entered on Instagram @jassy__m and following your blog already 🙂 thanks for the chance!


  4. I also spent a LOT of time at Erin Mills Town Centre as a teenager. I love how shopping centres have become so welcoming to families, and nursing rooms saved my sanity for those days when I needed to get out with a newborn.And my goodness, do I ever LOVE that fire truck in your photo above. My son would be so excited to ride in that. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your post was a reminder of how much this mall has changed over the years! I went again on the weekend and I found it to be even better than Square 1. Great shopping and you don’t have to battle for a parking spot!


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