With Love from Our Little House Series: The Heart of our Home

Photography by: Little Moments TO

The photos are off the walls now, the pictures of our family and all the “things” that made this little house our home are slowly being boxed up. The living room echoes, such a strange sound in such a small space, and our oldest has started to notice that some of his toys are missing (packed away in the box towers that fill our mud room and block out windows). I’ve had a hard time putting things away; I guess I think that if our stuff is still here maybe we aren’t leaving yet. We move in less than a week and this tiny house, this street that leads to the lake and this city will have place in my heart forever, but I also know that we are what makes this house a home and home is wherever we make it because we are the heart of our home.

IMG_2076I never thought that moving would feel like this, especially because we are so excited about the new house! But it’s a bit of an emotional tug of war; I will miss this tiny house so much because it holds so many memories for us. We came home to this house after our honeymoon, we brought home our puppy to this house our first Thanksgiving here and we brought both of our babies home to this house. A place like this can’t possibly be forgotten, but even more so; the memories we’ve made will stay with us. We’ve made our mark on this house too, painting or renovating every single nook and cranny in this house to make it work for what we needed over the years and I will miss that, I will miss that we made it ours.IMG_2064

IMG_1832This house is tiny, but we made it work. The kitchen and living room (which are basically the same rooms) are where we spend the majority of our time. Our toddler runs back and forth through the two spaces sometimes chasing our pup and now our little one follows, crawling across the main living areas. The living room truly is where we live, slowing down on weekends to snuggle on the couch or reading books together as a family before bed. When you live in such a small space you are almost always together and that’s something we’ve really loved about this house, it brings us together. My hope is that we’ve built routines around this small space living, this closeness, and that we will keep some of these routines going in our new home.

IMG_1850 IMG_1936I can hear the coffee brewing from my bed and it’s not because we have a coffee maker in our bedroom. Our home is tiny, like you can stand at the front door and see the whole house kinda small, (when people come for the first time we say “ well this is the grand tour” and just open the front door so they can see the whole place) and I think I might love it more now that we are moving than I ever have before. It’s kind of amazing to walk out of bed drink my coffee and get ready all in the same space, call me crazy, but it worked for us for a long time.


IMG_1822As much as I’m excited to move into a new home (I’ve had decor ideas in the works for a while now) I am going to miss this cozy little place a lot! I’ve been told I will forget it before I will even think of missing it, but I think I might be a bit sentimental about it for a while and hold on to these moments, in this space, for as long as I can. Having family photos done in our home recently has made me so happy because I can keep the memories of our family during this time alive  and will have these to look back on when I want to remember this chapter of our life.

IMG_2148Have you ever moved from a house, a city or even a country you loved? What was it like? Did you make new memories right away?


I love our family photos from our Family Session with  Little Moments To so much that I’ve partnered with Little Moments to giveaway a free mini Summer Family Photo Session!

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Good Luck!



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