Savouring Slow Sundays

Photography by: Little Moments TO

There will always be work to do, the laundry won’t end, the emails will keep coming, work won’t stop, but you can.

Have you ever heard the roar of a plane through the clouds? You can hear it and you know it’s flying above you, but somehow the clouds blur the sky enough that you can’t see it. It roars for a minute and then it’s gone. The birds start to cheep again (well technically they never stopped, their sounds were just blocked out by the plane), the laughter of children playing becomes louder and the world becomes peaceful again. This is what your brain does when you don’t turn it off – ever. The plane is that constant reminder of the work you need to do, the loud interruption to moments of your life that are suppose to be sacred.


“Saturdays and Sundays are supposed to be sacred,” that’s what my dad always says, “you need that time, those two days in a week, to recharge, unwind and rest or you’ll burn yourself out.” It’s funny how things like this stick with you, and as I get older and have become a parent myself, I see the value in what he said now more than ever. He was an entrepreneur for many years, he built a business from the ground up, so those long hours, working weekends … the whole thing, he knows all about it. And well, I guess listening to his hindsight, his advice based on first hand experience, is something that I should do.



We try our best to keep at least one day on the weekend “sacred” and we’ve even learned over the years that we have specific things we love to do on the weekends that make them ours. So a few weeks ago when Ericka from Little Moments To came over to take some family pictures for us and asked, “what do you normally do on the weekends?” we knew exactly what to say, “we make brunch and eat together!”

IMG_2001We’ve had a few family photos take over the past few years and this was the first time anyone asked us this question. In fact, it was the first time we did an almost entirely candid photo session and we absolutely love them! Ericka was so easygoing and so great with our little ones. She basically said, “do your thing” and took pictures of us as we did. We took a few ‘posed’ pictures, but like I said, those candid ones really captured us and what our weekends together are really like and we are so happy to have these gorgeous moments and memories to keep.


Weekends can easily become “workends” if you let them, you can say I just need to check one more email, or I just need to work for a couple of hours and that turns into ten emails and five hours very quickly. The world keeps moving, the internet never sleeps, and that makes us feel like we need to keep pace with it. Well, I’m learning that it’s not really possible to work all the time and it’s ok if the world keeps spinning and we are standing still.


Photography by Little Moments TO:  A Special Promotion 

IMG_1911Ericka of Little Moments TO is a Toronto and GTA based photographer who loves to capture those special family moments. As a mother herself, she totally understands that the family sessions need to be in a comfortable setting and was so flexible when our toddler decided he was not interested in taking pictures. She totally worked with it and we got some amazing candids from those moments. Ericka is so great with little ones and was absolutely amazing with our youngest and our toddler. If you’re looking to having some photos taken and want to capture memories of your family this season, she’s offering a promotion for spring/summer family sessions that will run until the end of June (sessions will run until August). Use promo code: JOSEPHINEACREATIVELIFE when booking!






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