Let’s Talk About Screen Time for a Second & A Kidoland Review

IMG_2864“Mama I watch show?” Yup that’s what a morning sounds like at our place after our toddler makes his way over to our bedroom for a quick morning cuddle. My responses have varied over the past few months since he’s learned to get out of his bed and has found the vocabulary to ask these kinds of questions, but let’s not kid ourselves, he watches some shows and even plays on his “puter” (a.k.a mommy’s Ipad) once in awhile and to be honest I’m realizing that he’s actually learning while doing this, so this is why I’m slowly becoming ok with some screen-time. As a mom to two little ones in 2017 things are very complicated, I would say they are a little over the top. With so many different options for little ones from the perfect toys, the cutest clothes to the best organic foods (btw we can’t really afford to buy exclusively organic, so our garden and my grandmother’s garden is as close as we get to it) things have become very complicated and choosing what’s best for your kids seems almost impossible sometimes. So, I’m doing what I can with what we have, learning to let go of some ever evolving theories that won’t ever be perfected on child rearing and making it work.

IMG_2606 A few months ago I was introduced to Kidoland and to be perfectly honest at that point my toddler hadn’t really ever tried using our Ipad. He’d watched shows on my phone before, but it never really occurred to me to give him the Ipad, as I just didn’t use it that often myself. At first I was hesitant about using the App, I was afraid that he would become fixated and not want to do other things. Then we tried it out and as the months went on he started to do more and more with it and I quickly realized that instead of watching a “show,” which by nature is an incredible passive activity, he was engaging and actually interacting!IMG_2866

As an educator I can say that reading, building, creative play and outdoor activities are always at the top of my list when it comes to the types of things that I want my children to take part in, but I am also a firm believer in balance and variety. In our ever-evolving digital world, computers, Ipads, smart phones and televisions exist, so why would I pretend like they don’t? When my sons enter the school system I know they will be using electronics (computers especially) and sometimes even Ipads, so why would I make it seem like these things are not a part of our world? Instead, I’m learning how to give them variety and balance throughout our day. If it’s rainy for example, instead of playing in the backyard for half-an-hour during his brother’s morning nap, he might try the puzzles or the surprises section of the Kidoland App. He loves songs and stories as well and the App offers a variety of these, moving at a much slower and calmer pace than some of the “shows” he could watch on television and he can interact with them, which means he’s learning while doing this!

So instead of feeling guilty, instead of comparing my parenting style (which btw I don’t actually have because it’s a fluid and ever changing part of life that cannot be labelled) I’m finding my way as a new parent, along side my little ones, within our ever changing crazy world filled with theories and opinions and we are doing the best that we can.


You can download the Kidoland App here:



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