With Love from Our Little House Series: A Munchkin Nursery

IMG_0991When I walked in the door of this house I knew this would be our home. I saw us here, I saw our family here and this little house has been so good to us.

If you haven’t guessed this already, we are moving and my love for this house runs deep, we made our mark on this little house, renovating almost every square foot, and we’ve become a family here, so as excited as we are for the next chapter, I’m also so sad to say goodbye.

Over the next few months we are packing up and prepping to move, so while we do that I’m going to share some of my favourite spots in our home with all of you. The house looked completely different when we bought it and we really did make it our own so I’m thinking of this as a little photo journal, a reminder of this little house we call home.

I’m going to start this series off with The Boys’ Room because it’s a brand new space and they are both finally sleeping in there together, which is so amazing!


Our boys started to share a room very recently. We live in a two-bedroom house, so there wasn’t much choice when it came to the boys sharing a room. Our youngest grew out of his bassinet and our oldest seems to be ok with sleeping in his ‘big-boy-bed’.

IMG_0805This room is one of my favourite spaces in the house because it’s such a simplistic and soft space, something that I think is so important for sleeping and rest. When we started to put the room together I wanted to make sure that the boys had a little something to call their own even though they were sharing the space. So I made these picture frame labels using some letters my cousin painted to put over their beds. It was a quick a easy project that only involved some birch tree wrapping paper, the painted letters on tree cut-outs and some picture frames.


IMG_0981With the crib-to-bed transition we really wanted to make sure that our toddler was going to be safe. So the Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail was the perfect choice for this to be a safe and smooth transition. With a very active toddler, who rolls around a lot in his sleep, we wanted to make sure he wasn’t rolling out of his new bed. It’s super easy to install and has a push-button folding hinge that allows our little one to climb in and out of bed easily.

IMG_0989In keeping with the original woodland theme that we used for our oldest’s nursery, we hung these gorgeous hand painted animals that my cousin made in the boy’s reading nook. They add so much love and beauty to the space.

IMG_2654Since the boys are sharing a room, it’s kind of a nursery and toddler room in one so there are a couple of cool things that the boys get to share like this Nursery Projector and Sound System from Munchkin. The sound system is great if we want to use the white noise (that works really well in a small house) and for drowning out the noises that the boys make while they are sleeping. The system is voice activated, so if one of them cries the system will start up again, which is kind of amazing especially for a baby! The slow moving images calm our toddler down at bedtime and work well as a dim night light. If the system isn’t on he asks “where my fishy?” he loves to watch the images on the ceiling as he’s going to sleep.

IMG_0979With a tiny space like this one we had to be very simplistic and selective with our choices. We chose this small dresser from Ikea and it also doubles as a change table for the boys. The Secure Grip Changing Pad from Munchkin is the perfect fit for this tiny dresser and the Xtra Grip rubber bottom makes sure the pad stays in place during diaper changes.


IMG_2656Our toddler recently developed a bit of a fear of the dark so he’s been taking his “Owl” (Light My Way Portable Nightlight) with him everywhere. He brought it on vacation, to sleepovers and grandma’s and nonna’s house, he’s always got his little light with him. This is the perfect night light for a toddler because it has a handle that’s great for little hands, it’s LED light is cool to the touch and it turns off after 20 minutes.


My husband and I really struggled with the layout of this room because it’s such a tiny space and we had to fit a twin bed, a crib and a wardrobe. The configurations took us weeks and once we finally scaled back and stuck to the basics it worked out and we are so happy with it. It’s a clam, soft space and it seems like our boys are really comfy cozy in their little room.

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  1. I love the colour on the walls and your accessories, including the Munchkin Canada items of course! ☺️ @mamalangs5 on Instagram ty

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