Family Time at The Ferg, Prince Edward County

img_2314img_2328Snuggled up in one of the comfiest king size beds I’ve ever slept on, we spent the morning cuddling and listening to the rain on the roof. “What’s dat noise mama?” our two-year-old asked looking up from his playpen, “It’s raining,” I said. Next thing I knew he was climbing into the bed with all of us; my husband, our five-month-old, our not so little puppy and me. We spent a better portion of the morning laying there and listening to the rain.img_2385It’s funny how much emphasis we put on doing things and going places when we are on vacation. Seeing everything there is to see in that one spot so we don’t miss out. I’m guilty of this sometimes too and it can make for a very hectic holiday. Our long weekend at The Ferg in Prince Edward Country was slow and sweet. So often we get frustrated if it rains while we are away because we can’t get out and do everything we think we “should” be doing, well to be perfectly honest, my husband and I both confessed to each other that we were secretly happy it rained while we were away so we could spend more time enjoying each other in this beautiful vacation house without the stresses that go along with sightseeingimg_2264

img_2461There couldn’t have been a better place for us to spend four carefree days than The Ferg. The house has a cool and calming feel to it that makes you want to rest and enjoy. To rock in a rocking chair and watch the rain, curl up with a good book or snuggle with your little ones. The house also had all of the amenities a family could need: a full kitchen, laundry (which if you have babies is always a plus) and a fabulous open-concept layout that is great for family living.




img_2351Nestled in the historic town of Picton in PEC, amidst many beautiful historic homes, The Ferg is a short walk to local shops and cafés . So we were able to grab coffee (locally roasted), bread, local jams and milk if we needed, or  head out to a café if we wanted lunch. But we were content with staying in and enjoying the space just as much.




img_2406The Ferg is an absolutely stunning space, stock full of history (yup, we read the history of the house while sitting by the fireplace one afternoon). We learned that the loft space we were staying in was actually the old stables for the main house and were so impressed by the beauty that was brought to such a simple space. The design of The Ferg is the perfect mix of Scandinavian simplicity and old world charm, a blend that really speaks to our lifestyle and us. With a toddler running around, simplicity is a great word!img_2337


img_2281We learned a lot from our time away about simplicity and being at The Ferg actually made us think a lot about our lives back home. We were only able to pack a few toys for our toddler as well as a few things to entertain our five-month-old, and to be honest I was really worried that they wouldn’t be happy or have enough to do. Well, we were pleasantly surprised that our toddler could entertain himself with just two wooden toy cars, a dinosaur figurine and a few books. We learned that our living room at home (which by the way sometimes looks like an overstocked toy store) is actually way too much stimulation for our little ones and that putting away these toys might be a really great way to keep everyone in the house happier, less toys means less mess so it makes mommy happy too. From our restful time at The Ferg we now know that less really is more; less rushing more resting, less planning more play, less toys more “us” time. We also learned to love the rain because it’s what brought us together and gave us the chance to sit, savour and enjoy our time together as a family in this beautiful place.



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