Crispy Nut Crunch Banana Bread with Roasted Nuts from Royal Nuts

We are pretty big banana bread fans over here, in fact, I could honestly say it’s a staple in our house. There are always a few frozen bananas in our freezer just waiting to be baked into bread and that way whenever I have company coming with nothing to make or somewhere to go with … More Crispy Nut Crunch Banana Bread with Roasted Nuts from Royal Nuts

Shortbread for Santa

Christmas baking has been something that I’ve been doing for a while now. Before kids, and even before I was married, my mother-in-law would have me over for a traditional Christmas baking session at her place (I was, and still am, excited to be a part of this big group and learned so much from … More Shortbread for Santa

Make Ahead Cookies

  Ok, so if you haven’t noticed already, I kind of love sweets! Before my son was born I liked the odd cookie here or there, and then while I was pregnant with our son things changed; I started “baking-up-a-storm!” Not only do I love baked goods, but the process of baking is kind of … More Make Ahead Cookies

Overnight Oatmeal

        A few months back I discovered overnight oatmeal. It was my go-to meal while on mat-leave and now that we are always rushing out the door with a toddler it’s the perfect meal for our family to eat before starting our day, even my toddler loves it! In addition to all … More Overnight Oatmeal