Our Day at Centreville, Toronto

ff4783d0-a8d2-4347-8477-e31529600895Before taking our little trip to Centreville my husband and I were talking about our own memories of this adorable theme park as kids. We had memories of the train ride, the swans and things like that. We were both pretty excited to re-live those memories with our little ones this past weekend.

I had quiet a few questions about our little trip to Centreville, Toronto on the weekend. So I thought I would share some of the things we did and what we learned/ loved just in case you wanted to make the trip and soak up this last week of summer!


Getting There

fullsizeoutput_3104The Ferry Ride over to Centre Island was one of the highlights for us. The short trip was stroller friendly, scenic and a lot of fun for all of us!

We bought our Ferry Tickets ahead of time online and that made for less of a line-up. You can purchase your tickets in advance here : http://www.centreisland.ca/centreville-amusement-park/ferry-information

We also aimed to take one of the first Ferry Rides out of the city so we could arrive at the Island early.

Tips and Take Aways



  1. Purchase you Tickets online to avoid the lines.

Lining up for anything with little ones is tough, so if you can avoid this do it!


  1. Get there as early as possible.

We arrived at around 10:45am (the park opens at 10:30am) so we arrived just after it opened and for most of the morning the kids walked on to almost all the rides without having to wait. The lines got a lot longer as the day went on. This also made it a lot easier to leave as well because we left by 3:00pm and the Ferry Ride home was almost empty!


  1. Bring Snacks for the lines.

We honestly didn’t need to wait in line very long at all, but when we did the snacks helped. There are lost of places to eat lunch, but you can also pack a lunch and eat there as well.

Far Enough Farm

There is a little Farm in the park and this was a great way to break things up for the kids. We went on rides for most of the morning and then went to the farm afterwards. The kids got to slow down a bit during this part.


The Journey Home

We left the part at around 3pm, and honestly on a Sunday it was really busy at this time so it was a great time to leave. The kids were tired, had seen a lot and the Ferry Ride home was almost empty because lost of people were still just arriving at this time.



Overall, this was the perfect place for our  kids to enjoy a fun filled day. The park is set up for little ones and they were able to go on many of the rides. We can’t wait to go back again when our daughter is old enough to take part a bit more too!





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