Mother’s Day Gift Guide

IMG_2123There’s a little less than a week left until Mother’s Day and I am almost done my Mother’s Day shopping (but let’s be real, I’m a hot mess and still not done) so I wanted to share somethings that I’m loving right now and would make great gifts for the mamas in your life.

IMG_2120When I think about trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I always want to be aware of the fact that spending time with the mamas in our lives is always the best gift. My sister and I have made a tradition of taking our mom out for brunch or dinner and to be honest, it’s so amazing to just spend that time together. Our mom loves that we do this and so we!

We also like to get her a little something and try to focus on things she loves, places she’s been or wants to go and, of course, things she loves!

This year the gift guide is perfect for that mama who really likes to be comfy, loves to laugh, take long naps and daydream about her next trip.

One of the things I really love about this guide is that it also includes some companies that are giving back this Mother’s Day. For example, Mapiful (the brand that helps you design beautiful map art) is giving back to all the moms across the world by donating 10% of the sales from their new Mother’s day design (click here to see the design) to Every Mother Counts (@everymomcounts), an NGO supporting women and working on making pregnancy and childbirth safe everywhere around the world.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide



  1. Scrunchie   | 2. Map      | 3. Book (Mom Truths)  |4. Robe 



If you’re thinking of getting one of the maps from Mapiful  you can use discount code: josephineacreativelife10 ( to get 10% OFF ….valid until 31/05/2019)

Happy shopping and Happy Mother’s Day!




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