The Love Your Life Project

fullsizeoutput_2486Me to My Husband thinking he would laugh at me: “I think I’m going to start a “Love Your Life Project” so I can really enjoy things, in the moment, the way that they are and maybe I won’t keep moving furniture around lol.

My Husband: “That’s a great idea!”

Me: “Really? …OK I will 🙂 ”


The project started about an hour before that conversation happened and was actually sparked by my children. Yup, they were the spark that started this whole project and almost everything I’ve started since they were born.  One morning while lying in bed, overcome by exhaustion from another sleepless newborn night, I thought of the smiles on their faces and literally sprang out of bed and knew I needed to write this. Yes, this sounds super cheesy, but it’s the truth and I love it!


So I’ve decided to start something called the Love Your Life Project and thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to kick this off! The Love Your Life Project stems from Neil Barringham’s idea that the “grass really is greener where you water it;”; that when you take a step back and look at the life you have and begin to appreciate the people and things around you, you will start to Love your life just as it is.

The thing is, we are constantly looking at other people’s lives these days (thank you Instagram/ Pinterest) and that can sometimes have a negative impact. The internet is a big, beautiful and dark scary beast that can connect us and bring us joy, but also strips us of our ability to live and love our lives in the moment; as they are. Perfectly imperfect. We are constantly being pulled out of our own lives and into someone else’s. And while I find that this can be wonderful, there are so many beautiful and inspiring things online, it can also take away from the joy we can find in our own lives.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20190213144248723_COVERSo instead of wondering what we could have, what we are missing out on or what we think we “need,” the goal of this project is to celebrate the things we have and love the life we are leading, right here, right now, as it is.

The Plan

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190213144106522_COVERI am going to share one thing, each week that I love about our life. The little things, the big things and the things that get me out of bed in the morning. Yup, this started as something that got me up one morning when I was feeling tired and uninspired, so why not use it to help us start our day or our week right!

Would Love for You to Join In!

I invite you to take part each week and post a picture of one thing in your life that you love and share why that is something you love about your life. Would love to hear the stories behind the pics too! Oh man, my school teacher project voice is coming through lol. Anyways…I’m going to use #loveyourlifeproject for this and invite you to share your photos using this as well.

So instead of focusing on what our homes or our lives are missing, I am going to start celebrating the things that we already have. I’m thinking I will do this on Mondays when many of us need it most.

Let’s use these online spaces to celebrate one another and Love our Lives! #loveyourlifeproject





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