Canadian Small Shops Cyber Monday


PC: Gooseberry Studios 

Alright, so you all know how much I love Canadian small shops and well, I am one of those people who gets super excited about something and can’t wait to share it with everyone I know! I guess it makes sense that I like blogging so much, because that’s kind of what it is sometimes… finding great things and sharing it with everyone you know.

Well, this year I think I am almost completely converted to online shopping, with the exception of my winners runs that happen weekly and I wanted to share some of my favourite Canadian Companies with all of you and the deals they are having today.

So get into your pjs, grab a warm drink or wine (cuz it’s totally acceptable to drink wine and shop from your bed) and let’s cross some things off that Christmas list together!

Canadian Small Shops Cyber Monday Deals




Happy Shopping!






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