Shutting off the Screen and Letting them Roar

fullsizeoutput_1c12“Common Nate, we’ve got to cross this bridge and escape the crocodiles!”

Over the last couple of months being at home I have been able to watch my little ones’ relationship flourish. They’ve gone from fighting over every, single, toy to learning how to play together in the most imaginative scenarios. Yes, there are still days, many days,  when I feel like a referee, trying to break-up fights over cars, trucks and train sets, but since they’ve been home together it’s been amazing to see things start to shift and watch really them play together for the first time since our youngest was able to walk and hold his own.

IMG_7102Most mornings at our house do begin with a bit of screen time (let’s not kid ourselves here, I wish I was the perfect parent and could say that never happens, but it’s  a part of our lives and I think as moms we need to be more honest about this and give ourselves a break) our oldest usually wakes up first and if he wants to watch a show or two before his brother wakes up that’s normally what we do.

After breakfast I usually shut off the screen, take our youngest out of his highchair and let them play for a while before we head outside, this is when those imaginative scenarios really take place. Yes, they will play with their cars and trucks, but they seem to have the most fun making forts out of throw blankets and couch cushions, or building rocking chair bridges and laughing together about made-up situations. It’s hilarious to watch and I can’t help but laugh to myself as they create these situations and get so immersed  in their imaginative play.

fullsizeoutput_1c15I know this might seem like a regular thing to moms with older children, but for me, having such youngsters, three and almost two, it’s been amazing to watch them be wild as they were far too young for this kind of play before. And while it can be tough to let go and watch them make a big mess of the living room, let’s face it …watching television means almost no mess at all and can be a lot easier, but it’s  honestly amazing to see them flourish and be so imaginative when that screen is off. It’s a mixed bag everyday … sometimes they play for hours, run wild and splash in the little pool outside and somedays we rest and watch some TV, I guess that’s what we call balance, right?

IMG_7074I hope they never lose their wild imaginations, that these incredible ideas become beautiful projects as they get older and can’t wait to see what baby number three brings into the mix.

fullsizeoutput_1c16To celebrate the creativity of children and their wild imaginations, I’ve partnered with Emu Australia for an amazing contest showcasing your child’s wild side and a chance to win a trip to Australia!

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Emu Australia Contest





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