Style Me Simple Series: Finding my Personal Style

fullsizeoutput_1676“ Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.”

–Diane Von Furstenberg

There are a lot of things that I’ve discovered in motherhood, but if I began to list them I would go on forever, so maybe I’ll save that for another post. Of all the crazy, beautiful things I’ve discovered along the way, one of the interesting things I’ve found is my own personal style. It’s funny to have lived all of these years knowing what I like to wear and how I’d like to feel in my clothes, but it wasn’t until the pressure was on, until there was very little time to think about getting dressed each day, that I actually discovered my own style.



Maybe that’s what it took, the pressure, limited amounts of time each day to decide what I liked and didn’t like and to then shape my style based on a few key items that make me feel good. I don’t think that personal style is a complicated thing, it’s just that it took me a while to realize what it was. I’m not even sure if the words I would use to describe my own sense of style are very complicated, especially since the first words that comes to mind are: simple, neutral, comfy, classic and cozy.

To be perfectly honest, there are a few key pieces in my wardrobe that make me feel like me, the happy, let’s get out and grab a coffee then take on this day me, and most of them are either dresses, coats or shoes, or a combination of the three. And once-in-a-while there’s accessory that makes me feel extra special and I like to save these for special occasions.


fullsizeoutput_167dMy personal style isn’t about trends or what’s “in vogue,” because I usually don’t even know what those things are until too late, instead it’s about feeling good in my own skin (and what’s covering it) it’s about feeling confident in my clothes and comfortable enough to wear them with a smile all day long. Not every outfit or every article of clothing will do this for you, but when I find the ones that do make me feel this way, if you know me,  you’ll know it because I will wear them over and over again. These become staples in my closet and help me to define that personal style that I can finally call my own.

fullsizeoutput_167bSo what does my personal style look like? Well the colours are usually neutrals; whites, blacks, greys, camel, with a hint of pink thrown in there for fun! The fabrics are almost always cottons or something natural because comfort is a huge factor for me and I honestly can’t tolerate anything itchy on my skin for more than a second, I’m also tough on my clothes so the fabrics need to last the multiple washes (I rarely dry clean because who has time for that?). I really love solid colours so I can mix and match pretty much anything without worrying about the complexity of flashy patterns. I’m also a dress girl, I love them because they are simple, one and done.


Give me a classic winter coat, a pair of heeled boots and a great scarf or watch and I feel amazing  with just about anything underneath, even a wrinkled Tee and a pair of track pants because the rest will keep everything looking classy.


fullsizeoutput_1679This season I am so happy to have partnered with Daniel Wellington to share one of favourite products, and something that fits so well with my own personal style: a classic petit gift set with interchangeable straps in white and rose gold.

Also, as part of this partnership I am sharing a promotion with all of you for 15% off when you use the PROMO CODE: 15CREATIVELIFE






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