This is no Norman Rockwell, It’s just Us: Happy Holidays from our Perfectly Imperfect Family


Photography: Little Moments TO

It’s way too hard to be perfect, so let’s embrace the imperfections they are way more fun anyways!

I recently read an article that talked about the different ways we all deal with the holiday season and there was a lot of truth there so I’ve decided to share my own take on it! The holidays are beautiful, I’m trying to be as sincere as I can here because I honestly do love them, the smells, the lights, the time with family, but let’s not kid ourselves they can be tough too. Some of us are not huge fans of the festivities and would much rather take a trip instead, let’s call these the “dashers”, some just want to get things done (check them off the list and move on) we could call this the “checking-it-twicers” and a few are fixated on this “Normal Rockwell-Kind of Christmas” that doesn’t actually exist at all, let’s call these the  “Rockwells.” Well, let’s just say that we got our Christmas photos taken recently and we aren’t even close to “Rockwell” status. The best part about all of it is that I am more than ok with this, I am actually happy and moderately relieved, because perfection is way too stressful and a lot less fun.  This is us, imperfectly perfect and far from a “Rockwell”.

IMG_2098I am always ready for the weekend these days, I think this is the first time in my life where TGIF might actually be my mantra, but we are kind of running out of time to prep for the holiday season and the closer we get (meaning the fewer weekends we have) the more stressful it becomes. There are gifts to buy, more cookies to bake, cards to write or get printed (let’s be honest here our holiday cards never get sent out I might not make all of the cookies I had planned) and who knows what else, but I can say that I’m kind of over the whole Norman Rockwell thing and just want to hang out with my people in our pyjamas from now until next year!

IMG_2064This is the first holiday season since we’ve had kids that I’ve also been back at work and boy does it feel a lot different. While I was always so busy at home with the boys on mat-leave, I had a lot more time to prep our home for the holidays and to be perfectly honest I’m really missing that, a lot. I love all of the Christmas traditions we’ve developed over the years with our own little family and our extended families, but even if I try really hard I am quickly learning that you can’t always fit it all in. So, this year we are doing our best to do what we can with the time we have and make sure we give ourselves a chance to soak-up some time together as a family. We are pyjama people, we would live in them if it was socially acceptable, and taking time to hang-out in our pjs once the holidays officially begin is quickly making it’s way to the top of our to-do list. I also finally found a matching family set of pyjamas from Little Blue House that my husband actually agreed to wear (if you know us personally you understand why that was such a struggle) and we will all be matching this year which is kind of a huge deal!

IMG_2056 (1)

Little Blue House is a company that we’ve loved for a long time, it’s a Canadian company and my husband really enjoys the Canadian humour on so many of their prints. They also carry a wide variety of Family Pyjamas so if you’re looking for a set this season that’s where to go. They also make great gifts for those of us who are still last minute shopping. Is a week before considered last minute? If it is, I am actually so behind …oh well!

IMG_2030 (1)The holidays are hard sometimes, the idea of a picture-perfect Christmas is pretty much impossible. That’s why I am making an effort to celebrate the lack of perfection in our home and how that makes us who we are. We are a bit of a hot mess when it comes to getting things done and would much rather be in our pyjamas all day on Sunday enjoying a slow brunch than running around checking things off the monstrous to-do lists. Things do get done, they will always get done, but sometimes we all just want to hang out and do nothing and I think we are all learning that this is ok too!



What are some of your favourite ways to slow down during the holidays?







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