Kiddie Clips: Practical Solutions for Modern Mamas

fullsizeoutput_1380“ Please keep your …” the words mittens don’t even make it out of my mouth before his mittens meet the sidewalk and he’s taken off on his scooter. It’s the simple things like getting out the door or just going for a walk to the park that can take the most effort when you throw two toddlers and puppy into the mix.

When the winter coats came out of the closet this season I knew we were in for a “wild ride”. Last winter our oldest still stayed in the stroller most of the time and our youngest  wasn’t even crawling yet. Warm blankets and cozy cuddles was our winter experience, especially because if  the snow was deep enough we rarely ventured out of the house. Now that I’m back at work with two babies in day-care/ pre-school we leave the house everyday, a least once, and the snowsuit, toque, boots and mitten fiasco is just a part of our day. It’s not so bad when everyone is getting into the car, at least the mittens can’t get too lost, but if we go for a walk and our oldest is walking or scooting alongside the stroller I can’t keep up with flying blankets and missing mittens.

fullsizeoutput_137eSo when I was first introduced to OLILIBABY Kiddie Clips  I couldn’t wait to spread the news. It started with my husband, who often complained about the blankets on the stroller flying away like the sails in the wind. “There’s a clip for that now,” I told him. “Yup, no more fly away blankets on our walks.” The clips have literally lived on our stroller since we got them, they are one with the bucket seat. And as our youngest gets bigger they will become one with his “big-boy-seat” in the stroller too.

The OLILIBABY Kiddie Clips work on lightweight blankets in the summer and for heavier blankets in the winter. They attach to the stroller bucket or regular seat securing a blanket so it won’t blow away in the wind or fall off as your walking. It’s honestly became a part of our everyday routine once we got them; babies in the stroller, blanket over and clips on.

IMG_5841This fall I was introduced to the OLILIBABY Mitten Clips and well, just like the kiddie clips and the stroller, they are one with our little guys’ snowsuits. The clips fasten on to the mittens and to the snowsuit or jacket so that the mittens won’t get lost, because let’s face it, they always fall off or get lost. To be perfectly honest, I think we only had one actual pair of mittens left from last season, the rest are all singles or completely lost. This season as soon as those snowsuits came out I clipped the mittens on and that’s where they’ve lived. Making the trip back-and-forth to pre-school or daycare everyday and still staying intact! I think we might make it to next winter with all of our mittens!


If you have been on the lookout for some practical solutions to the missing mittens or the flyaway blankets these are perfect for you. I don’t consider myself someone who often finds the solutions to these things like this before the news get out, but when I do I get really excited to share!



fullsizeoutput_1381When I find something that I love, or that works really well, I want to tell everyone about it and share it! So, I’ve teamed up with OLILIBABY and The Modern Mama Social to giveaway a set of Mitten Clips.

For entry details head on over to my Instagram page. Link here.



*Disclosure: Companies featured often sponsor my posts. If I love the company or products I am more than happy to share them with you!



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