Still Savouring Summer!

“I love how summer wraps around you like a warm blanket”

Kellie Elmore


Ok I know it’s ‘back-to-school’ time, believe me I know … I’m also a teacher so this time of year is very much a huge part of my life, but summer is still here for a bit, so let’s savour it!

IMG_5018Call us crazy, but before the summer is “officially over” and by that I mean based on the calendar, we are going to try and soak up as much sun and savour as much family time as we can. So, starting with this labour day weekend we are taking another little family trip to a local beach town! And there are a few things we are bringing with us that I wanted to share, because they are awesome and make parent/baby life a little bit easier!


  1. A Sunscreen Blanket

IMG_5021Yup, it’s a thing! A few months ago my mom and I were at the farmer’s market with my sons and we were talking about how a UV blanket would be such a fantastic idea. Well, it’s a real thing and I am so glad that we heard about it! Luv Bug, a small mom & pop shop who are passionate about creating baby and child gear & accessories that embrace the joy, love and free spirit of children, created them as well as some other amazing family gear and accessories. We used this UV blanket on our last beach trip and it was awesome!IMG_4760


2.  Slip on Shoes!

IMG_4257Ok so our youngest only wears shoes for fancy occasions and when we go out, but our toddler is at the age where independence is huge for him. He wants to be able to put on his own shoes and these slip-ons from Step & Stride are perfect for that.IMG_4256IMG_4281 We call them his boat shoes, but he wears them pretty much everywhere! In addition to being a versatile shoe for any occasion (perfect for travelling) they are also going to be great for when he starts back at daycare!



3. A Baby Sling

IMG_5003So our youngest is at the age where he’s learning to walk, but also wants to be held all the time (I think teething is a big factor here), so this gorgeous Tides Sling from Junior Foxes is perfect for while we are away! Aside from the fact that it’s name is just calling for a beach getaway, being hands-free with two little ones while you are at the beach is kind of a must! Stay tuned for more on this one!


What are some of your favourite go-to getaway items for traveling with little ones? We love little mini-vacations and hope to do some bigger ones soon, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Happy Still Summer!






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