From Pen to Post: A Writing Workshop for Bloggers

IMG_2314“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

— Maya Angelou

I’m so excited to announce that I will be hosting a writing workshop with Smithery Style this month!

The Workshop —

From Pen to Post: A Writing Workshop for Bloggers

What if you could take your journal and turn it into a series of blog posts? This workshop looks back to the roots of blogging and helps you to define your own writing/blogging style. Evolving as an online diary, blogs truly are a way to share your voice with the world. Trying to find your voice in a world filled with images is hard. So why not create a photo journal that brings together words and images in a way that elevates and brings out the best of both mediums? This workshop will help you to channel your creativity and connect authentic, eloquent text with complimentary photographs to help you share your story and develop your brand.

IMG_3087How it works:
Set-up like a ‘round table,’ this workshop focuses on the process as much as the final product. Using traditional writing exercises, you will learn how to get your authentic voice on paper and then into polished blog posts. Working with images and text you will be given tips and tricks of the trade for developing a blogs and a brand that truly represents you. We’ll save a little time for mingling, baked goodies, bubbly, and shopping too!

When: Tuesday May 30th 10am – 12pm

Where: The Smithery Studio – 174 Spadina Avenue, Suite 410, Toronto, M6G 2V5

Cost: $50 there are only 6 spots available

What to bring: A laptop and pen.  All worksheets are provided. 

Register here: Writing Workshop

“Get up. Clear your desk. Tie your hair, and write.”


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