Josephine’s Creative Career Moms: Haley of Beluga Baby

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When I was pregnant with my youngest I started to become so worried about how I would manage with two-under-two, especially because my toddler is so active. I can remember taking him to the park when I was 7 and 8 months pregnant thinking, how on earth am I going to do this when there are two of them and only one of me?


Well the struggle is as real as I had thought it would be, and all I can say is thank goodness for baby wearing! It really does make a huge difference and is giving me some much-needed confidence in terms of what I can do with two. The advice I was given when I voiced my worries was to make sure I got a really good wrap and well, thanks to Beluga Baby I have one now.


I came across Beluga Baby on Instagram, Jillian Harris, Creative Wife & Joyful Worker , as well as few other mamas who’s blogs I love, posted pictures in their beloved wraps and I thought they looked awesome in them; I am all about function and comfort when I comes to baby items, but looking stylish while “mamaing” never hurt anyone. Am I right? Ok so Beluga Baby wraps look amazing and honestly feel even more amazing on; the bamboo fabric is so soft to the touch and the wrap is super stretchy, which allows for increased mobility. I am kind of obsessed with the idea of carrying my youngest while keeping my hands free to guide and look after my toddler. My two month old falls asleep almost instantly when I put him in the wrap, so I know he feels safe and comfortable being so close to me, right where he wants be. I can honestly say that our Beluga Baby Wrap makes everyone happy!

I am so excited to introduce Haley of Beluga Baby and share her inspiring story with all of you!



  1. Like many new mothers you faced a bit of an identity crises at the start of your journey and Beluga Baby was formed out of this crucial and creative shift in your life. Can you tell us a bit more about how Beluga Baby came to be?
PC: Eva Grace Photo



When I had Sawyer, a lot about motherhood came instinctively for me. I was lucky in that way. My strongest feeling when discussing my birth plan with my midwife was that immediately following birth I wanted her on my chest, skin to skin, and for her to be able to stay there as long as possible. This feeling carried over when I brought her home. I wanted her close to my heart, and it seemed like she wanted to be there too. 

In that way, baby wearing was a logical step. I tried many wraps and carriers and never found one that suited what I wanted. Some were too thick and overwhelming, and others only stretched in one direction, which made me feel claustrophobic and impeded my arm movement. So I designed and created my own wrap – that’s how Beluga Baby was born. It was truly an authentic undertaking. I wanted to give this gift I’d found to other mothers. Some extra joy in new motherhood, more peace, and your little babe next to your heart. 

  1. What made you decided to “go for it” and start Beluga Baby? What were some of the challenges you faced when starting a family and a company at the same time?



I decided to go for it once I tested my prototypes on a group of new moms, and got overwhelming feedback. Some cried as they told me how their gassy baby was soothed, how their babies cried less overall now, and how they are now able to get out of the house with their baby much easier. It was a light bulb moment – wow – this really helps new parents in a HUGE and meaningful way. One mother even wrote to me to let me know that the wrap helped her to bond with her baby while she was struggling with postpartum depression.


  1. Beluga wraps are so soft and my little one feels so comfortable in his wrap he falls asleep right away! What are some of the unique elements of your Beluga wraps?


Well, like I said I didn’t invent the idea of baby wearing. That’s been around for thousands of years, and there are lots of brands out there. What I did is perfect the fabric, and create a sustainable, luxury product that is as much fashion as function. The four-way stretch of the bamboo fabric envelopes your baby, providing a subtle pressure from all sides that mimics a womb-like feeling. That, coupled with the sound of your heart, is so soothing to babies, especially in the fourth trimester. 

  1. I love the concept of baby wearing, especially with two-under-two! Baby wearing is such a wonderful way to bond with baby and give mom or dad the option to do so and still have their hands free. What are some of the ways that babywearing can be comforting for little ones and helpful for moms and dads?


Where do I start? The health benefits of wearing your baby are huge. Baby wearing helps regulate baby’s body temperature and blood sugar levels, helps even out mamas hormones and bring in her milk, it promotes good communication around nursing between mom and baby, and aids with gas an indigestion, even colic, in babies. Practically, it gives you your hands back. Having a new baby is a giant loss of freedom, and the ability to comfort your baby while leaving your hands free to type, cook, eat, draw, or brush your hair, is a really big deal. It also helps with bonding between mom and baby, but also between dad and baby. It has been shown to reduce the effect of the baby blues and PPD, and can reduce crying by up to 50%!

  1. As a mompreneur what are some of the challenges you face when trying to find a balance between running a business and family life?

I’m still learning! Balancing a new baby (not so new now – she’s 19 months), and a new business is HARD. It’s not for the faint of heart, and I still feel overwhelmed sometimes. What really helps is finding a clear separation between work time and mom time. If I can focus 100% on each of these, in their own space, then I feel like I’m really accomplishing something. 

  1. With a blooming business like Beluga Baby growing more and more everyday, what kind of advice would you offer to new moms starting a business or working towards a creative goal?

Start a business that you’re passionate about, and have a clear vision for how you want it to transform your life. Because, it will transform you life. And if you’re not clear from the start why you’re starting your business, you’ll get lost. 

  1. As Beluga Baby continues to grow, what are your hopes for the future of the company?copy-of-nb-47

I want to continue to make new parents lives more joyful. Beluga Baby is just getting started!

 *Disclosure: Companies featured in this series often sponsor my posts and, or send products for review. If I love the company and their products, I am more than happy to share them with you!

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