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img_4518When it comes to motherhood and having a baby, self-care is something we often put on the back burner. It seems to be the norm that parents, mothers especially, will be exhausted and not even have enough time to shower, let alone take a bath. As a mother of two I’ve experienced this haze of “new parenthood” and know that self-care really does have a place in motherhood, that’s why when I connected with Lindsay of Tenth Moon I knew we would totally understand each other.

Tenth Moon is a company created by mothers for mothers. It’s a thoughtfully curated postnatal care package company that incorporates the knowledge of midwives, doulas, doctors and, of course, mothers, into all elements of the packages. There is a built in sense of community in Lindsay’s company that harkens back to a tradition of women taking care of one another during pregnancy and throughout motherhood. It really does take a village to raise a child, and Tenth Moon Mothercare helps to build this village by reminding mothers that “her well-being matters.”

When Lindsay sent me a Tenth Moon Essentials Package it was only a week after my son was born and it was the perfect time to be reminded that I needed to take care of myself in order to take care of him and our toddler. Motherhood is a beautiful time, but there are so many challenges, especially in the early stages. Being reminded that you need to rest and heal is so important.


img_4111The Tenth Moon Essentials Package includes; Yummy Mama Organic Granola, Herbal Sitz Bath, Lavender Mineral Salts, Organic Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, Organic Coconut Oil and Shoosha Truly Organic Rescue Nipple Butter. These items say, “mama you need to eat, relax, soothe, and heal.” It’s all here for you, the 3am snack, the healing nipple butter and the built in spa treatments.

The Yummy Mama Organic Granola is, without a doubt, some of the best granola I’ve ever tried. It’s delicious! Like yup I’m exhausted, but I get to have this with my coffee this morning so it will be ok, kind of delicious. My toddler and I sprinkle a bit over our yogurt or oatmeal every morning, it’s my favourite part of the day and it’s ready to eat so that makes this mama very happy! See below for giveaway details.

img_4637Ok so I really love baths, and I love lavender, so taking a bath with the Lavender Mineral Salts was divine. It was so amazing I fell asleep in the tub the first time I tried it, apparently I was that relaxed (or ridiculously exhausted) either way it was exactly what I needed. Seriously though, this stuff smells so good and writing this is making me want to run a bath right now. See below for giveaway details.

The Organic Coconut Oil may be the most versatile item in this package. You can use it for your little ones, it’s kept my infant’s skin so soft (no cradle cap over here) and mamas you can use it for yourself as well on tummy and nipples. It smells delicious and works really well.


Tenth Moon Mothercare truly is more of a movement than a company and I am so happy to share Lindsay’s story this month. Lindsay is dedicated to helping and caring for  other mothers and her calm, genuine and nurturing nature is contagious, it comes through in all elements of this blossoming business.img_4527

  1. I love hearing stories of mothers supporting other mothers and you’ve created an entire company based on this concept! What’s the story behind Tenth Moon? How did you get from concept to creation?

img_4498I was seven months pregnant with my second baby when I officially launched Tenth Moon. That probably seems like inopportune timing, but I had the inspiration and wanted to get things up and running before she was born. I had been making small care packages for friends, and getting requests for friends of friends. I would make granola and prepare an herbal sitz bath, for example, and people loved it. There was a pay-it-forward feeling to it. My postnatal experience after my first baby was nothing like what I had imagined. I’d ended up having an emergency caesarean and found myself physically and emotionally depleted in a way I didn’t know was possible. Even though I was a doula, I wasn’t prepared for how challenging new motherhood would be. I had tons of support, from my husband and my mum especially, and I remember thinking, “How would I possibly be surviving right now without this encouragement and care?” I was and still am so grateful. A few months later, the idea for Tenth Moon started to blossom. Eventually I began reaching out to suppliers and fine-tuning the details. Then I built a website and Tenth Moon was born.

Speaking of moms supporting moms, I’m starting a new program soon called Tenth Moon Mamas Pay It Forward. The idea is to encourage women who receive a Tenth Moon package to gift one to another expectant mama. There will be an incentive, but I’m still working out those details. I’m excited to see the love spread from mother to mother.  


  1. After I became a mom the idea of getting packages delivered to my house became a dream-come-true! Can you tell us a bit about the individual packages and how the Stork Service works?

img_4645Our Stork Service runs on the third Friday of every month, delivering orders we’ve received in advance. Typically, I ask people to order by the end of the week before if they are hoping for delivery. Otherwise, we ship on short notice or to Mamas who live outside of our GTA west delivery boundaries (Toronto to Hamilton, more or less). We have three set packages, but we are always customizing for clients who want to include something special, or for mamas with dietary preferences or allergies. All of our items are available individually as well, so if someone wants to buy our Raspberry Leaf Tea only or add another jar of granola to a package, they can do that.

  1. The first few weeks after birth, especially if you are a new mom, can feel painful, exhausting and, at times even scary, I wish I had something like this to help me focus on self-care during this crucial time. How do your packages help moms to heal and feel better during this time?

img_4517Tenth Moon packages are about so much more than the tangible items inside the box. A woman who receives one is reminded that her well-being matters. It’s natural that as a new mom, all of your energy goes to your newborn. Tenth Moon packages encourage a woman to rest and rejuvenate and to allow gentle and natural healing. A woman who is well cared for is better able to cope with the inevitable challenges she’ll face as a new mother. 


  1. Tenth Moon carries both in-house made products like: Tenth Moon Herbal Sitz Bath, Lavender Mineral Salts and Yummy Mama Organic Granola as well as some carefully curated items from places like The Honest Company. How do you decide what goes into each package and what made you choose the specific items to offer for mamas?

img_4641There’s nothing will-nilly about what’s in our packages – everything serves a purpose. After giving birth, you’re exhausted, you’re nursing almost constantly, your hormones are rebalancing, your body and soul have just experienced a tremendously deep transformation. You need to refill your cup. I created Tenth Moon packages with all of these needs in mind and they include personal care items, like the herbal sitz bath, lavender mineral soak and lip balm; nutritious snacks, like granola with oats and pecans to promote healthy breast milk supply; and necessities like maternity pads and nipple butter. We’ve partnered with many wonderful Canadian companies who make products that are safe for mamas and their babes. Using organic and natural ingredients and respecting the environment are priorities for me.

  1. Being a mother and entrepreneur often means that making time for work and family can be challenging. How have you been making all of this, a blossoming business and family life, work? Do you have any advice for new mompreneurs who are just starting out?

img_4561Truth: Most days I don’t know how I’m doing it. But Tenth Moon has become a part of who I am and there’s no turning back. I work mostly from home with a two-year-old office assistant, so you can imagine how that goes! My days are often far less productive than I’d like, and most nights I’m working after the kids go to bed.  But I think that all families with young children are busy and struggle to find balance, whether they are entrepreneurs or not. We’re all doing the best we can amidst piles of laundry and dishes and diapers. I’m grateful for the little things. I know that’s super cliched, but I can’t wait on perfect or extravagant moments for validation that life is good. I hardly feel qualified to offer advice to others, but I’d have to say: Patience, grasshopper. It’s advice I tell myself all the time. Tenth Moon has grown slowly and organically over the past two years and I’m still figuring out what it means to be an entrepreneur. (It’s the journey, right?) Also, show up for your work Even if you are taking the teeny-tiniest steps toward your goals, keep coming back. You’ll find that it starts adding up to great accomplishments you’ll be proud of, knowing what it took to get there.       


  1. In addition to creating an awesome company for mamas and postnatal care, you are also connecting with members of the community and giving back. Can you tell us a bit more about the outreach programs that you’ve connected with?

img_4646Tenth Moon supports The New Mom Project, an incredible non-profit organization that provides baby items to marginalized families. We’ve contributed care packages for raffles at events, as well as directly to women in need. I also sit on the board of directors for Postpartum Support Toronto, a new non-profit set up to help people who are struggling to adjust to life as new parents. PPST provides guidance for those who might be experiencing postpartum depression, but also provides drop-ins and other programming and resources for parents who are having a hard time, or not enjoying parenthood the way they had expected to. It’s tough to be open and honest about those feelings, but so many parents encounter them. 

 Most recently, I created my own giving back project called Mama’s Heart, a care package for women who experience miscarriage or later pregnancy loss. A portion of the proceeds from Mama’s Heart packages will support the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network, a charitable organization that guides parents through their grief. One in four pregnancies ends in loss and I’m an advocate for maternal wellness in all its manifestations. I share my personal story about why I created Mama’s Heart on the Tenth Moon blog.     


  1. Tenth Moon is such a unique idea that truly does change the way we care for the modern mama. What are your plans for the future of Tenth Moon and where can mamas find your products other than online?

img_4505Changing the way we think about postnatal care has been at the heart of Tenth Moon from the get-go. I want to empower women to make self-care a priority, and make it easy for friends and family to show that they understand the importance of caring for a woman after she gives birth. In a lot of cultures, there are beautiful postpartum care traditions. I want to see women receiving Tenth Moon Mothercare packages at their baby showers become a tradition. Let’s make care packages as common at baby showers as Sophie the Giraffe, because I’m pretty sure Sophie isn’t soothing any vaginas or making midnight snacks, you know? 

 Our products are available at Toronto Yoga Mamas, in Leslieville, and Yummy Mama Granola is stocked at The Real Food Market, in Hamilton. Otherwise, our packages and individual items are available through the website and can be shipped anywhere in Canada.    


Lindsay and I have partnered to giveaway a Yummy Mama Organic Granola and a Lavender Mineral Salts. The giveaway will open on Friday October 28. Be sure to head over to our Instagram accounts for all details: Josephine: a Creative Life and Tenth Moon Mothercare .

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