Getting out the Door: Simple Suggestions for Two-Under-Two


Ok so between toddler tantrums, newborn epic poops and the layers that go along with the cooler weather coming our way, it’s safe to say that getting out the door is a bit of a disaster lately. I want to say that there is some kind of “super mom solution” to the chaos that is leaving the house, but I can only offer a couple of ideas that make things a bit easier.

Simple Shoe Solutions


Our toddler may have the widest baby feet I’ve ever seen, they are so chubby and cute, but finding shoes that fit him comfortably has been a bit of a challenge. So, all of this means getting shoes on his feet when we are trying to leave the house can be a bit of a disaster. Let’s add fall or winter boots into the mix and our “out the door routine” is a bit of a hot mess (sweaty mom and hot tempered toddler included).

Well I am happy to say that we found a simple solution to this part of our “out the door routine”: Step & Stride! Step & Stride had been making shoes for little ones since 1969, so they know what matters when it comes to the technology of a good shoe. Their innovative design that flexes with your child’s steps and a perfect fit (that comes in extra wide for chubby feet) as well as a removable insole that will allow shoes to easily size up as they grow makes putting on shoes just a little bit easier.

My toddler loves his new boots “bups” as he calls them, and actually wants to put them on because they are so comfortable. Not only are these shoes made well, they are also adorable and go with all of our toddler’s outfits.


The Lyon is my absolute favourite! These rugged “construction boots” are perfect for everyday wear; they go with just about any pair of pants and zip up on the side for easy dressing. Our little one loves wearing these and will pick them out himself when it’s time to get dressed.


The Byron boots have become our “dressy” shoes. They are so easy to get on and include a padded collar for extra comfort. They go so well with a pair of corduroys or jeans.

Getting dressed is a big part of “getting out the door” and a good pair of shoes or boots that are comfortable (so your toddler will want to wear them) as well as easy to get on or off makes a world of difference.

You can find some of the Step & Stride fall collection  here!


Pre-pack the Diaper Bag


 In addition to finding clothing that is easy to put on and comfortable for your toddler to wear, making it a bit easier to dress them before leaving, I like to plan ahead and pre-pack my diaper bag the night before. The chaos of getting out the door with a toddler and an infant can become incredibly stressful and sometimes feels like trying to slow down a herd of wild animals; nearly impossible chaos that makes it hard to think. So that means you won’t really be able to pack properly while the insanity is happening around you.


Solution: pack the diaper bag the night before. Most days I know where we are heading the night before; doctors appointments, trips to the apple farm or just a trip to the mall means a diaper bag must be packed! For someone like me who doesn’t always want to carry around the same bag, or just wants to use a nice big purse for a change; this goPad Diaper Changer from Munchkin is perfect to just pack-up and go. If you need something with the essentials and a little added comfort for baby, it’s perfect. You can throw it in the stroller or in your favourite bag to make sure baby is happy and dry while you are out, which means mommy will be happy as well.


Hope these suggestions help your “getting out the door” routine!

If you have any other suggestions that might be helpful for getting little ones ready to go please share in the comments below. Would love to hear them 🙂


5 thoughts on “Getting out the Door: Simple Suggestions for Two-Under-Two

  1. I love this reminder to keep things simple… including shoes. And stride rite is always a good choice. The only thing I would add is to also prepack sippy cups and non-perishable snacks. Otherwise this seems to add 10 minutes to the “out the door” process. Great post!


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