Josephine’s Cool Mint & Cucumber Water



IMG_3545It’s so amazing when you can literally walk out into your backyard and find inspiration in the garden. I think that’s one of the many things that make this time of year so special, especially for someone who loves food as much as I do. We have an abundance of cucumbers this year and we all know that mint grows like crazy. Those two flavours together, the fresh mint and cucumber, along with some fresh lemon, were the inspiration behind this simple twist on nature’s best; water.

Being pregnant means that I am drinking a lot of water and not too much else this summer, and while I love the refreshing taste of water, it can get a little bit boring sometimes. So I’ve decided to mix things up a little and take a walk on the “wild side” by adding a little flavour to my daily hydration intake. It also looks beautiful on the table if you want to add a little colour to your tablescape this season.


In addition to adding colour to my life and our summer table, this drink has proved to be a success with the little one! Yup, he thinks this water mixture is some kind of special drink that he gets really excited about. Since juice is still kind of a hazy and overly debated option for a toddler his age, I’ve decided to let him try this instead and he happens to love it! So if you are looking for a water alternative or just something different to offer your little one while they are still “too young for juice” this could be the perfect option.




½ medium sized cucumber (thinly sliced)

½ lemon (sliced)

2 sprigs of mint

6 cups of chilled water

5 ice cubes




  1. Wash lemon and cucumber thoroughly as you will be leaving the skins on for this recipe.
  1. Slice cucumber and lemon and place in the bottom of your glass water pitcher. Add mint sprigs.
  1. Pour cool water over the cucumber, lemon and mint.
  1. Add ice cubes and serve!




  • Note: this tastes best on the first day, but it will keep for two (maybe three days, in the fridge).



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