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Every once in a while you come across someone who inspires and encourages you even though you haven’t even officially met! Yup, it can happen, and I am calling this a “blogger bestie” (someone you’ve “met” online through blogging and have become friends with). Over the past year I have learned a lot about blogging, social media and the “online world” in general and I’ve become aware of how much it really does connect and bring us closer to people who we might never have encountered because of geographical distance.

This is exactly what happened when I reached out to Codi Lynn of Creative Wife & Joyful Worker in the very early stages of my blog asking for support and blog advice. She responded! And … was more than happy to offer help, support and just chat about blogger things. Over the past few months I have turned to Codi Lynn a number of times for support and just to chat about blogging. I was so lucky that my first experience reaching out to a fellow blogger was an amazing and incredibly positive one.


Codi Lynn’s blog Creative Wife & Joyful Worker began as a maternity leave project, just like mine, and I am so inspired by her work. It’s amazing to learn from and watch a fellow blogger grow, you truly feel connected to them and are able to share in their success! I am so happy to share Codi Lynn’s blogging journey as this month’s Creative Career Mom!


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  1. It’s so exciting to interview a fellow blogger, especially one who has come so far in her creative journey. Can you tell me a bit about your journey and the story behind your blog, Creative Wife & Joyful Worker?

I started my blog when my daughter was about six months old, my son in preschool and I was on maternity leave. With my time off I was looking for something that I could to do to exert my creative energy. I had already read a number of books and crocheted a few scarves/accessories but that wasnt cutting it. Starting a blog was something that seemed so completely random, yet challenging and something that I could include all my hobbies into one. 

Around the same time I also knew that I wanted to pursue a career in graphic design, so I had applied to a program that was based out of BCIT and Emily Carr University. This program started six months later. That year of school is a bit of a blur as I was the busiest I think I have ever been in my life, but am so thankful that I took that leap (even though I had kids)!


  1. What was the initial inspiration (or spark) for your blog?

My husband and I were driving home from a family trip and the conversation started out of nowhere. I turned to him and said that I think I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to start taking more photos and I would need a place to share them.


  1. I know you are currently a Graphic Design student, how has this helped you with your blogging career?
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PC: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker 

I would say that my blogging career has more so helped me with my design career. But, I do think that it does go back and forth. My blog has brought me design clients and my design clients have also brought forward blogging relationships. I think having a skill that not every other blogger has is hugely beneficial for me in the “blog world” as it is something that sets me apart and is very specific to my brand and aesthetic.


  1. Your posts are genuine, well written and always accompanied by beautiful photos that help to maintain your unique style; how do you manage to bring all of these elements together?
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Thank you, blushing a little over here. My photography has definitely enhanced (so to speak) since I started blogging. I think my first post ever my photos were taken from my phone and edited on my phone and well… uploaded on my phone. The more I played around with my husband’s camera the more I learned. It was important for me to just continue to put myself out there, ask questions and be true to who I am. I write about what comes to my head and try to keep my posts to where my passions are.


  1. As a mompreneur there are some obvious challenges that you must face, what are some of the strategies you use to balance family, work and student life?
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I don’t think that I have really figured this out yet. Actually, it is likely my biggest weakness right now with my blog. I feel like at the times when the blog is “thriving”, I haven’t been able to put as much attention on my family. I have made some changes over the last year, however, that have helped me to stay focused in the moment and not get distracted by my emails/social media updates.

  • I always have my phone on silent.
  • Blogging is kept (mostly) to only nap time and after the kids are in bed
  • Include the family in what I am doing, talk about it and invite them to be a part of it.


  1. When we first connected months ago, you were so kind and helpful, was there someone who helped or inspired you along the way?
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When I first started my blog I reached out to a handful of bloggers. I heard nothing nope nothing back. Ouch, that sucked! I remember feeling like really, is this what I want to start doing I get that people were busy, but I emailed people I felt were both more popular blogs and smaller ones and still nothing. I started googling and got my blog off the ground and decided that if someone came to me I would always respond. Even if I felt like I couldnt help, I always try to refer emails to others I have made connections with that I feel could be of assistance.

There are some ladies that once I did launch my blog that were beyond helpful. Jennifer of VonBon Apparel was one of the first emails that I got back from the group of emails I sent out for a business feature. She was kind, honest and totally approachable. Jessica of Mint and Birch emailed me complimenting me on my photography and asked if I could photograph some of her pieces. I was thrilled to say the least and we have become such great friends since that day. Sam from Playdates and Pearls is the first blogger that gave me actual blogging advice, I am forever grateful for our small but very meaningful DM conversation on Instagram.


  1. As a busy mom of two, a student, successful blogger, writer and most recently a designer, you wear a lot of hats! What advice can you offer fellow mompreneurs who are just starting out?
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PC: Creative Wife and Joyful Worker 

So long as it is where your passion is, go for it. Let it be natural and you will feel so good about it.

 Some advice that I was given when I first started was also not to worry about making everything ‘perfect’ before I shared it. If I was focusing too much on the ‘perfect’ then I would never publish anything. Go with you have and then learn and improve along the way.


  1. Your blog has blossomed and developed so much since we first “met”(on Instagram) months ago, what are your hopes for the future of Creative Wife & Joyful Worker?
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I like the way things are going now. I am not looking to change anything, I relaunched my blog about six months ago, changing its platform, and it was the best move I have made. The look and feel of the blog is exactly how I image it. So for now, like my advice says, I love and am still passionate about what I am sharing so I am hoping for a bright future for the blog.

Thanks so much for the feature. It has been such a pleasure connecting over the last handful of months and I am so excited to continue following your blogging journey. 



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