There’s Something about Autumn


There’s something about the fall that always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Even though the first day of fall does mark the beginning of the end (seasonally speaking) there’s something about the cool crisp air that makes everyone want to throw on some cozy knits and cuddle.

Spring makes us hopeful; we hope that the snow will melt and that we will get to see the sun again. Summer gets everyone excited; it means long days, beach weather and vacation. Winter, while it can feel long and we may catch a hint of cabin fever; winter gives us Christmas and endless cookies. But the fall, or autumn, yes this season has two names and people love it so much they name their children after it (a name that I absolutely love by the way) there’s something about it that makes us feel warm inside.


They say that art mimics life, or sometimes vice versa, and artists (designers, chefs, writers) often look to the outside world for influence. So if this is the case, I think we might have a thing for fall because it offers so much. Fall colours are both vibrant and warm, giving fashion designers and artists a wide array to choose from.


The same goes for food; our son’s baptism is coming up this weekend and when I spoke to the head chef at the restaurant where we are hosting the lunch about dish options, he basically said that there were so many seasonal veggies available right now that we could choose whatever we wanted. Fall food offers the best of everything, fresh harvest pickings and, of course, comfort foods; stews, soups, turkey, pie, this list could go on forever.

Hat from: Loops for Days

Fall weather also means more moderate temperatures, after a hot summer those crisp mornings are such a relief. Cool weather also means cozy knits, comfy socks and cuddles. I know people still cuddle in the summer, but who wants to cuddle when it’s hot and humid.


Along with a hearty harvest comes traditional family outings like apple and pumpkin picking. My family goes apple picking at least once a year and freshly baked goods always follow. We basically eat apple everything for weeks. Looking forward to sharing some of those “apple everything” dishes this season.


Fall also means Thanksgiving, a traditional way of celebrating the bountiful harvest that we are blessed with each year. People have been coming together to enjoy this meal for centuries, brought together by a mutual gratitude for the beautiful bounty of this season.

IMG_0561 IMG_0567

So, while much of us might have a long list of fall favourites that might include; pumpkin spice lattes, fashion or apple crisp these things only symbolize what’s so fantastic about fall. With all the food, family gatherings, cozy knits and cuddling I think it’s safe to say that the thing about fall that makes us love it so much is that it has a way of bringing people together.

PC: Heather Coughlin of Calluna Studios
PC: Heather Coughlin of Calluna Studios

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